New floral trend, meta-bouquets

New floral trend, meta-bouquets

You may have already heard of it, the trend is towards meta bouquets. Following on from the vogue for green plants, which has brought our grandmothers' ficus and rubbers long confined to offices and waiting rooms up to date, meta-bouquets explore the art of retro composing with the flowers.

Spectacular bouquets

Between sculpture and floral composition, the meta-bouquet seeks to create a dynamic form, which is not only pretty but has a strong impact. Often imposing, never banal, meta-bouquets are essential in the center of the table, on a piece of furniture or a console, like works of art. They were brought up to date by Marisa Competello, "flower artist" from New York that the fashion world is struggling for. Trained as a stylist, she is now head of the Metaflora workshop, which creates bouquets of offbeat proportions and colors. If his daring compositions are perfect in cutting-edge showrooms, do not believe them reserved for artistic and urban circles. Because this taste for bouquets-objects, parallel to the trend of country bouquets quite the opposite in terms of aesthetics and concept, is gaining stalls of florists and pages of decoration magazines. In a less radical version no doubt, softened by a search for visual harmony more than conceptual, but nevertheless there.

© Fleur Louis The chico palm leaves are perfect for creating a background

Flowers that lend themselves to the meta-bouquet game

Exotic flowers such as birds of paradise are particularly suitable for creating tall and sculptural compositions, but other more common varieties with long stems and original shapes can lend themselves to play. This is the case of arums, flowers garlic, gladioli, anthuriums but also amaranths or delphiniums whose tufts bring a nice thickness to the bouquet. Flowers with a strange look like orchids are also perfect, as well as slightly special flowers like proteas or craspedia, this amazing little yellow tassel without leaves that allows a thousand associations and staging! On the foliage side, the meta-bouquets also bet on the dramatic side with long stems and leaves in large proportions. Far from being there only as a base or a show of flowers, the leaves grow and sometimes steal the show with colorful petals. Palm leaves or monstera leaves are often used, as well as the exuberant pampas herbs and twisted willow branches.

© WeWork Anthurium and aspidistra foliage go hand in hand

The taste of kitsch

Forget the delicate associations, meta-bouquets are not afraid of excess or kitsch! Subtle mixture of ikebana, the taste of the 80s and contemporary brutalism, they mix graphic and geometric references with daring material effects. Asymmetrical and spectacular, they move away from the idea of ​​plant: plants are here considered as materials, for their amazing color or their material, preferably shiny with plastic looks or on the contrary airy and fluffy. Another concession to kitsch, and the antipodes of the Scandinavian minimalist trend, is the use of impressive and showy vases. They participate in the composition with their architectural volumes. Faceted, gilded, copper, geometric in shape, in raw concrete, folk or playing on primary colors, they accentuate the impact of the bouquet and anchor their often slender or fan-shaped. The most daring add peacock feathers, the ultimate vintage concession in the 60s, or cut leaves of monstera and anthurium flowers with scissors according to geometric shapes. Never shrinking from any floral sacrilege, Marisa Competello even likes to spray her most beautiful creations with a spray of gold, black or blue Klein paint!

© WeWorkThe amazing proteas is perfect in this kind of bouquet

Creating a meta bouquet at home is easy

Do you also want to try your hand at the art of meta-bouquet? Nothing's easier ! Choose somewhat spectacular flowers such as craspedia, anthurium or birds of paradise. Install them in a tall vase and preferably not harmless. Finally fill with palm leaves or well-leafed foliage. Do not try to "fill" the vase or balance the bouquet. It does not matter if it is asymmetrical, on the contrary. Finally have fun and don't be afraid of bad taste, improbable color combinations, hazardous compositions… Take on strong contrasts in color or texture, your bouquet should surprise! You can also play the monochromatic card or opt for a two-color composition which will look great in a well geometric vase. You do not dare to spray your beautiful flowers with a spray paint? Be satisfied with golden or metallic touches or give depth to the bouquet by painting a few elements, a few leaves of monstera or palm for example, in very matte black.

© WeWork The monstera leaf and the giant anthurium make the show!