Tutorial: a do-it-yourself plant holder

Tutorial: a do-it-yourself plant holder

When you have a lot of plants at home, it's a good idea to be able to raise a few. Whether to showcase a rare specimen, put your favorite plant out of reach of a domestic animal or create levels in your indoor jungle, you will enjoy making this DIY.


- 4 x 2 cm wooden battens: 3 X 45 cm and 3 X 18 cm - A drill / driver - A screwdriver - Wood glue - 9 screws - A wood saw - One meter

Budget: 40 euros Duration: 2 hours 30


1. Draw marks on the wood to obtain the measurements indicated on the diagram.

2. Cut the wooden battens to the desired measurements.

3. With the drill and a fine drill, form pre-holes there where the different elements will be screwed together.

4. Position the three elements that will form the central node of the shelf and insert the screws into the holes.

5. Apply a little wood glue where the elements will meet. Press the pieces well against each other and screw with a screwdriver. Once the elements are in place, make sure that everything is solid by tightening the screws one last time with an electric screwdriver.

6. Proceed in the same way for the legs of the shelf: for each glue the parts to be assembled then screw them together, tightening well.

7. Check the stability of the assembly and tighten the fixing screws if necessary. Place a large flower pot on the support. The larger the pot, the better it will settle on the base and will be stable.


You can modify the measures of the model if necessary to adapt your support to other flowerpots, or make several shelves by varying the height to create different levels for your plantings. Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your planters via our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!