An industrial room in 6 lessons

An industrial room in 6 lessons

No need for a loft or large metal beams to adopt an industrial design! Fortunately, it is sometimes enough to have small elements accessible to all to enter the codes, and above all not to hesitate to marry genres. Because the industrial style is a few key pillars, and a lot of freedom!

The game of materials

Who says industrial style says metal! Iron, brushed aluminum, tin ... We of course think of US lockers, easy to transform into wardrobes, garage shelves, ideal for hosting your books and other decorative items, worktops, chairs, stools… But we also don't hesitate to invite these materials in detail. Lamps, small storage boxes or even a storage compartment, it's up to you to create little reminders here and there, for a style that asserts itself with touches thought in harmony. And since we are talking about playing with materials ... Let's not forget wood! Whether light or dark, worn over time or freshly sanded, varnished or not, we love it for its warmth, the sensuality of its touch, and the natural elegance it brings.

Perfect mix: parquet, copper stool and soft cushion

Zoom on the crates and pallets

Crates and pallets, this is something that costs nothing and does a lot! There is no shortage of tutorials showing the possibilities: from pallets, you can make a bed, a low table from the shelves, a TV stand ... On the practical side, I recommend sanding, splinters, and if you choose to reverse engineer them, be careful with nails, there is a whole colony. The crates, meanwhile, make charming shelves, practical storage, or even plant pots. Because nature, as if it took back its rights on the building, invites itself very easily in the industrial style!

A headboard and a box spring in pallets

The fun of fabrics!

After wood and metal ... Think soft! The simplest are the cushions. Natural color, linen, or flashy, it's as you want. I even believe that we applaud those who manage to choose, so both can be pretty. If you have a little space, the leather armchair, why not Club armchair style, brings a very nice dandy chic side. One can also opt for a carpet with a graphic style and a comfort dimension for bare feet. Finally, and whatever the style of decoration chosen in your room, do not forget that the bedding greatly influences the final result. Beautiful, quality sheets can be as soft at night as they are pretty during the day. Treat yourself!

Bedding, the essential decorative element of the room!

The walls, this fabulous medium of expression

The industrial style is largely based on a visual effect of wear, and you should not hesitate to play on the walls: with colors a little past, washed out or even damaged (some go so far as to partially tear an old tapestry !), your walls set the frame and immediately create an atmosphere. The brick walls, or the wallpapers that imitate them, also work very well, but since it is visually very present, it is better to focus on one wall of the room.

A brick wall, for a very marked industrial style

Design lighting

If the lamp is a beautiful object in the absolute, the industrial style is certainly one of those which magnify it the most. Whether desk, freestanding or suspended, the wood and metal alliance finds hundreds of ways to adapt to this object. The development of LED bulbs, which today offer warm lights, encourages more lighting sources. Because when you love, you don't count, and if you count (on the electricity bill!), LED lamps are real good friends.

The decorative trio: black, lights, metal

Painting furniture in black

Many decoration shows keep reminding us: changing the color of a piece of furniture and customizing it with new handles is as spectacular as if you had changed it. From this perspective, painting furniture in black is a real transformation: a classic chest of drawers in pine wood gains in elegance, its somewhat traditional lines become modern with a brushstroke and the result is unrecognizable. Without forgetting the pleasure of having created a unique piece!

Recuperation, the chic and cheap ingredient!

For industrial decoration, the mix of styles is required. The old one, found on a holiday flea market, neighbors a few new pieces, and diverting objects is also part of the tricks to create an industrial decoration: the rusty granny tea boxes become flower pots (or pencils), a oil lamp turns into a desk lamp base, the old trunk serves as a bedside table without forgetting the traditional coil of electric cables, obviously used as a table. Divert, recycle, customize, these are key verbs for a unique industrial decoration, to your taste and your image.

Garage sales and flea markets: a gold mine!