Staging your vacation photos

Staging your vacation photos

Are you also returning from vacation with a memory card full of photos? So much so that sorting them out seems like an insurmountable undertaking, and the prospect of filling up albums not very encouraging? Why not make a selection of your favorite shots and stage them so that you can see them every day? So you only keep the crème de la crème of your vacation, and remember the moments that affect you the most. In addition to making them a special place away from an obscure hard drive that can give up the ghost at any time, you save yourself the guilt of never looking at your albums from years gone by. Here are some tips and inspirations to stage your favorite photos.

Select your best shots

Setting a number limit will help you select only your best photos. Make an initial sorting then reduce progressively the selected photos to keep only the photos with the most memories. Avoid keeping several photos at the same time and choose the shot that you think is the most evocative, the one that best corresponds to the emotions felt. By looking at it, you will find the sensations associated with the image. By doing so, you will create a kind of best of your vacation that you will enjoy reviewing and showing. The criteria for selecting a photo vary widely. You can eliminate photos that are "technically" bad, that is, blurry, poorly exposed, or poorly framed. But it is above all the intensity of the memory revived by the image that will count to make your choice, even if the photo contains imperfections.

The masking tape, so easy to use!

Frame and exhibit in an original way

Are you one of those people who never leaf through their photo albums and doesn't want to force their loved ones to have a mileage slideshow when they return from vacation? Do not hesitate to expose your photos in a new way. You will be delighted when your eyes fall on it, it will bring a decorative touch to your living room or your office and will undeniably attract the attention of your visitors with whom you will enjoy evoking the memory of good times. You can opt for a wall of classic frames, aligning them or forming a more random composition with elements of different sizes. But do not hesitate to distinguish yourself by recreating an original setting: in masking tape, driftwood, crocheted cotton. Use clips in the style of your choice to hang the photos, or even clip hangers fixed to the wall by a nail, a notched wooden rod to wedge them against a wall or on a fireplace. You can also cut your favorite subjects and stick them on a magnet to make nice personalized magnets.

We really like this idea of ​​exhibiting our photos on a postcard display!

Display your photos in 3D

Do you want something even more original? Who moves away from the classic wall display to become a decorative object in its own right? You can find a postcard holder in a flea market to put on a piece of furniture or on a stand and drag your favorite vacation photos into it. You can also make a mobile from a lampshade or from reclaimed wood: by using a few wires and small clips, you can hang your pictures on it and watch them spin slowly. Another very easy solution, a wall garland or crossing the room on which you will fix, with simple clothespins, your favorite photos. If you use a light garland, the effect will be all the more festive!

Why only stage photos?

Good staging aids

To increase the evocative power of your photos, stage them with other memories: a concert ticket, some dried flowers, small objects ... as many details that will recreate the atmosphere of a good time and will of your hanging a real poetic installation. Hang small compositions using tweezers on a mobile or on a wire alternating the images and small memories, or create a small set mixing images, seashells, mini-cacti, sand jar or city map in a frame - display case or under a glass bell.

A great DIY idea!

Divert your photos!

More than to evoke memories, you want your photos to motivate you in the perspective of new trips? Why not slip your favorite photo on the wall of a jar that will act as a piggy bank and in which you will slip your savings while waiting for the next vacation? Enough to pay you for an ice cream, a new jersey or a plane ticket for the next season!