The little guide to family storage

The little guide to family storage

Tidying up and sorting is definitely not our favorite activity! Especially when you find yourself having to do everything yourself - and many dark forces are continuously sowing disorder in your interior. What if you tried to bring these forces back on the right side? Because it is by joining forces that we can keep a house clean and tidy. With a whole army of Jedis, tidying up can become a fun activity for the whole family! We tell you everything.

Family ranger: everyone has their responsibilities

To avoid the big bazaar on a daily basis, it is necessary to tidy up! But for everyone to put their own, we must explain the issues. To the question "Why do I always have to put everything away?" You can answer that it is important to have an orderly house (and it's not only for children!): - for circulate more freely in the house (it is never pleasant to walk on a toy or to catch your feet in the strap of a sports bag abandoned to its fate); - for feel good at home : in feng shui, exterior disorder = interior disorder! To tidy up is to bring vitality! - for less tired : you waste a lot of time and energy looking for things; - for the respect for each other : invading the collective space with your belongings is not ideal; - for breathe : we sort, we order, we clean and we feel better in this clean and free space of the superfluous! And we show the example: where is your credibility if you ask your child to tidy up his room and yours is in a mess? What if he has to put his clothes in the laundry basket and yours are scattered all over the house? Let’s be consistent and we’ll all get into good habits.

Set an example: keep a room tidy!

A little help for children in storage

Empower him to do it effectively: your child may have the best will in the world, but if you don't show him how to store well , he can't guess. We all have our tics, our sorting methods and preferences. If you want your child to tidy up the way you want, you have to lead the way. In practice, this involves putting easily accessible shelves in your room. Ditto for his wardrobe, if the hangers are out of reach, how to expect him to hang his clothes? Add storage boxes with labels, so that everything is clear to him, and a wheeled crate to go around the house and collect everything lying around to the right and left… In short, multiply the storage possibilities and make it easier her life!

Accessible storage will help your child store his toys.

Sort with family and do a great action!

If it is important to do the big sort toys and clothes every six months, so you can throw out everything your kids no longer use and clutter their rooms, just as much for the rest of the family. The high priestess of tidying up Marie Kondo advises in her method to separate herself from all the objects that do not inspire us with joy. Some have real sentimental value, but sometimes you also have to let go. Sorting this allows the whole family to part with damaged, broken, too old objects. And to keep only the useful. It is also an opportunity to teach your child to donate unused items to an association, for example. Sensitize him to be united, not to spoil to give a second life to his business. And we kill two birds with one stone!

Maybe it's time to give these toys to other little kids?

The key to family storage: organization

A family needs organization to function well. And that's good: children are fond of rituals. Bet on an organizational sorting schedule, as for cleaning! Plan a weekly "sorting" appointment. For example, "Saturday we fold the laundry all together": we learn the gestures, we share a family moment. Vary the activities and the intervention rooms (once the kitchen, the next time the library) ... Without doing everything together, we plan each week a collective task that allows everyone to realize the extent of this that needs to be done. That "no, unfortunately, the clothes do not magically end up clean and folded in the wardrobe". Someone does it (and takes time to do it). The best is still to create habits that will facilitate daily life. We put away at the end of an activity and before starting another. When you come in, hang your coat, put the shoes in the furniture provided. Everything in its place: the best is to have a location for everything, it makes life easier ... And there are no more excuses for not storing your things!

Mondays are ravioli, and we organize the kitchen, young and old!

Storage is child's play!

As with the household chore, tidying up can become a fun activity. For starters, you can put in music: it punctuates the action! It can also be small challenges: the one who tidies up his room the fastest, or the one who picks up the most clothes before the song ends… Parents can (and must) play! For the more invested, you can also launch a monthly challenge: each weekend, we do a storage session based on mini-games and at the end of the month, the one who has won the most points chooses the super family activity he wants to do (a trip to the movies, the ice rink or the restaurant). This will reward the whole family and keep the house tidy.

A tidy room = a well-deserved reward!