How to decorate the wall of your terrace?

How to decorate the wall of your terrace?

The good weather arrives, bringing with them irrepressible cravings for sun and relaxation. Already everywhere we see flowering offers from traders: garden furniture, barbecues, various plants and other vegetable plots ... It seems that the whole universe is trying to get us a message. Is it time to get started? Only here, at the end of the terrace, there is this really unsightly wall which always makes the atmosphere a little sad. What if we tried to exploit this vertical space? Here are some design ideas to restore charm and originality to your terrace. Don't hit the wall anymore, take advantage of it!

A good paint job

© Atmospheres Design / Côté Maison Sobriety or a touch of madness? We dare the color for an original terrace! We note with joy a back colors in the decoration this year. So why not give a new identity to the terrace wall? A little paint does not cost much and can give a whole new perception of space. This will notably allow hide its imperfections . This year, we dare fuchsia or terracotta for an exotic and caliente atmosphere that invites you to travel. If on the other hand you aspire to rest and meditation, a sage green will offer you a real haven of peace. Do not wait any longer: for a true escape from the senses, make the wall!

Beautiful facing stones

© Thinking Outside The Box Wood / Bricoman A wall that looks worked in the blink of an eye. Although your home is pretty, the wall that surrounds your terrace is… how to say? Far from being picturesque! You would like to make it disappear while giving cachet to your exterior. To give it back its nobility, we think of the solution of facing plates! Simple and quick to install, they will transform your wall to perfection, for an (almost) authentic effect! There is now a wide variety of choices for very different renderings: slate, brick, round stone… So, ready for the big change?

A green wall

© Larritt Evans / Home DesigningWhat if we brought nature to the front row? At the moment, we are witnessing the big vegetable trend in our interiors. So what could be more natural than investing the terrace with pretty plants? For an Urban Jungle atmosphere, we maximize the nature effect by making a real plant wall: succulents, climbing plants, drooping plants, moss and ferns… Care is taken to avoid ivy who with his crampons would risk damaging an old wall. If we want a more Japanese-style result, we head towards bamboo . Please note, it is preferable to choose a non-tracing variety. This will avoid a disagreement with your neighbors about the roots! Resistant to cold and rapid growth, bamboo “fargesia rufa ”Is positioned in safe values ​​and can go up to more than two meters. If you prefer some flowers to decorate your terrace with a sweet scent , think rather climbing plant. The japanese honeysuckle and the star jasmine are highly appreciated in this sense. Another idea for vintage enthusiasts: we hang on the wall of old colorful shutters on which we hang our little darling plants. A good idea to marry cachet of the old and originality!

Baskets with accents from elsewhere

© Liliinwonderland.fr / Lovers Of Mint Pretty ethnic baskets to give your terrace the air of distant countries. The current trend is for authenticity and travel. To decorate the wall of your terrace, why not combine the two? Berber-inspired, baskets and baskets with ethnic motifs now hang on the walls , in accumulation. Regarding the decorative aspect, we do not hesitate to vary the shapes and colors! We like their artisanal aspect and their natural composition. For more harmony, we offer garden furniture pretty plaids and cushions with matching patterns. And if you feel like it, why not add a few cacti? Immediate boarding guaranteed!

A vertical vegetable patch

© Unsplash / Sophia Baboolal Reconciling small space and homemade vegetables is now possible. Urban citizen of organic farming, have you always dreamed of having a vegetable garden? Unfortunately, you only have a small terrace to satisfy yourself. But good news, all is not lost! Even in a small space, it is quite possible to grow good fruits and vegetables . Faced with the extreme urbanization of cities, we have also seen new initiatives in the food industry. To reconnect to the earth, or for the sake of ecology, the above-ground cultivation is positioned as a real solution. Not very constraining and being satisfied with a reduced space, one can quite set up a vegetable system against a vertical surface. No more gray rubble wall! From the deckchair, the view of raspberries is still more pleasant, right?

A cascade of freshness

© Rolling Stone Landscapes / Design MagRelax over the water. Are you looking for a Zen and relaxing atmosphere? What if you installed a cascading fountain on the wall that borders your terrace? It's well known, the sound of water invites you to relax and gives a real impression of freshness. With that, impossible to suffer from the heat wave! Today, with multiple tutorials circulating on the canvas, you can even make the installation yourself. So, what do you think ?

Accumulating mirrors

© Leroy Merlin / Design Mag We widen our field of vision thanks to an accumulation of mirrors. It is well known, mirrors are known to give a feeling of space . But why reserve them only inside? On a very small terrace, in accumulation, they will give an original and bright side. Your outdoor space will only appear larger. At sunset, your terrace will be adorned with its most beautiful colors. A must for the aperitif! With all these ideas, sure that you will find the solution for an outdoor decor that suits you. It would have been a shame to deprive yourself, right?