Renovate a marble

Renovate a marble

Is the marble top of your grandmother's beautiful dresser dirty, covered with stains and cigarette stains? Here are some tips to restore it to its former glory while protecting it for the future.

Remove stains

• An old recipe: cut a lemon in half, sprinkle it with fine salt and rub the marble. You let act a few moments and ... miracle, it works! When you rinse with hot water and a sponge, a large part of the stains disappear.
For oily stains, start by sprinkling the stain with Sommières soil and leave to act for 24 hours. Then a simple dish cleaner is usually enough; you can also try with Marseille soap, which is more "corrosive". Insist on stubborn stains with a stiff bristle brush. Rinse well before wiping with a soft cloth.
Some stains are particularly rebellious and require treatment that will damage the grain of the marble. Wear gloves and use 130-volume concentrated hydrogen peroxide that you can find in cabinet supply stores. Soak your sponge in it and rub in concentric circles. Rinse and wipe. If you notice the persistence of certain traces, drop a few drops of bleach, leave on for 5 minutes, rinse and pat dry.

Polish a tarnished marble

To restore shine to your marble, use a hotpot of shine, an abrasive powder based on tin which makes it possible to "crystallize" the marble and to restore all its shine.

The step by step

1 Start by equipping your sander with sandpaper with water, very fine grain, and sand regularly the entire surface of the marble, in concentric gestures. 2 Clean with a slightly damp sponge then apply the stew in small areas following the manufacturer's instructions. 3 Then protect with a liquid or powder surface treatment that you apply to dry and clean marble. Work with a well-soaked cloth, with circular movements until the marble is saturated with the waterproofing agent. Count about 200 g of product for a square meter. 4 Once the product is dry, you can then proceed to polishing. Your furniture top will be protected for about a year.

Hide a small crack in light marble. Gently pour white candle all the way down the gap. Once the wax is set, scrape off the extra thickness, very gently, taking care not to attack the surface of the marble. Lightly sand with a very fine water abrasive then buff.

The pro's advice

Paint, nail polish, should be removed immediately with absorbent paper. Remove as much as possible before using hydrogen peroxide, which may dilute the pigments. Always work from the edges of the stain towards the center. Know-how - home decor © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2006