10 decoration tips for a welcoming entry

10 decoration tips for a welcoming entry

The entrance is often a passage that we tend to overlook. To consider it as a part in its own right and to give it a real decoration is to welcome your family, and your friends in the good humor and the warmth of a place where life is good.

1- Think practical

The entrance is the passage between the outside and the inside. It sifts the turbulence of the street to enter the privacy of the house. Like an airlock, we undress to get comfortable. It is therefore appropriate to have a coat rack on hand. Yes, but on condition that it is decorative. A very simple idea: stick a large tree-shaped sticker on your wall and take advantage of branches and other plant parts to attach coat hooks of the same color and hang coats, hats, bags and scarves… . Another idea for the keys: there is a very simple system which magnetizes them and which is fixed directly on the wall.

2- Choose a sticky note

Always useful for writing last-minute messages or for not forgetting an important appointment. But far from the traditional sticky note frame, instead draw a wide strip of 60 cm that goes from your ceiling to the ground. Then paint it with blackboard paint . A chalk to write, a wet sponge to erase, you just have to write your messages!

3- Standardize your decor

Very often we find in the entrances a very ugly object that should be hidden: the counter. A very simple tip is to paint a case of wine the color of your wall or have it custom-made in medium. For this, do not forget to provide a notch to pass the pipes. And last step put it directly on your meter. The tone on tone will instantly erase this ugly wart which will only be a bad memory.

4- Affirm your style

You are a fan of the Baroque style and until then you have put this decorative aspect that you like aside for fear of quickly getting bored. The entrance is particularly suitable for this style game . A pretty black chandelier with tassels, dark purple walls and some golden mirrors will have the advantage of dramatizing your decor and putting you in a good mood on your arrival without getting bored since you spend an average of a few minutes a day in this room. room.

5- Create volume

Even if your walls are straight, without molding or recess you can create volumes only with color. A good decorative tip to remember: the dark shades give the impression of bringing the walls closer together and, on the contrary, the light colors keep the walls away. So juxtaposing a dark shade under the base to a light color in the second part of the wall will energize your space and bring more volume .

6- Promote the light atmosphere

Good lighting is essential for a practical and welcoming entrance. Start with a ceiling light or sconces for the general lighting of the room and perfect your atmosphere by sticking 25 cm from the ground with luminescent LEDs. For a more theatrical effect, you can leave them on during the evening as night lights, they will gently highlight your entry .

7- Play with reflections

Very often direct daylight is lacking and comes from the half-open doors. Capture it by collecting mirrors like a patchwork on a wall . This will not only allow you to create a set of reflections for more brightness, but will also visually enlarge your room.

8- The good smell of a seasonal bouquet

Arrange in your entry a small seasonal bouquet which will diffuse a delicate smell of flowers and which thanks to its color will add a touch of cheerfulness. If your entry is too narrow to accommodate a console or a piece of furniture to place your floral arrangement, hang a small perfumed sachet on your door. So when opening and closing you will activate the scents.

9- Think of it as a real piece

If you are lucky enough to have a medium or even large entry, you can organize an office area. Or if the latter is small and narrow you can stage it and arrange it like a mini gallery . Hang frames of different sizes but with a unity of style or color. And do not hesitate to play with the proportions, for example a table in vertical format gives the impression of extending the room even more!

10- Promote circulation

For an entry "Feng shui" especially do not clutter it . To promote positive energy, clear the passage. It is true that climbing the stroller to access the door is particularly annoying and tends to put you in a bad mood. And one last "Chinese" tip: make sure that your door opens and closes without obstacle so as not to generate poor traffic!