Learn how to fold towels

Learn how to fold towels

For a successful table decoration, do not neglect the napkins: learn the folding techniques! We see the first folding of towels appear in 1560 but it was only in the 17th century that the art of folding developed. In 1600, during the marriage of Henri IV with Marie de Médicis, the folding of the towels represents a hunting scene with animals, trees and hunters. The towel then becomes not only useful but decorative and in 1639 is published the first treaty on this art of folding. Today, the variety of towels allows the creation of a personalized decor. Here is our selection of books that will allow you to learn how to fold napkins to impress your guests during a dinner or simply for your pleasure:

- Towel linings: 50 essential models
by Delphine Viellard and Marc Höm at Solar editions. 50 ideas to decorate your tables in an original way for all occasions: casual brunches, al fresco lunches, improvised dinners, weddings, Christmas and New Years ...

- Napkin folds: folds of napkins and decorations for all tables
by Anne Valéry at Hachette editions. 64 pages dedicated to the different techniques of folding napkins with animal, geometric or floral shapes.

- Towel sheets
by Claudia Andreani at SAEP editions. Explanations step by step with the degree of difficulty, the size of the napkin, the advice for paper napkins and the positioning of the monograms and embroideries.

-Folding towels
by Amandine Dardenne published by Tana. Learn to fold your towels in the shape of a lotus or pine cone, sailing boat or fan, pleated rectangle or precious star. Discover our folder "Napkin folding" to elegantly dress your table and impress your guests. Expert in folding napkins or table decoration? Send us your most beautiful creations in photo or video.