White in total look enchants the house

White in total look enchants the house

The decor this winter pauses and returns to white. But unlike the zen and strict interiors of the 90s, she has fun inspired by dreams. Like Alice in Wonderland, "crazy", oversized and indefinitely shaped objects enter the house. In short, the decor breaks certain rules to enchant the house. Decryption to adopt this trend at homeā€¦

A fairytale white monochrome living room

This decorative trend leaves a great place in the imagination and the only color that comes into your interior is white. Thus, the walls and the floor are painted white up to the furniture which is disguised in that same color. Then, in this monochrome decor, play with the materials. They will define the contours and create the relief . So cover your sofa, if it is not white, with a large blanket in white faux fur (delamaison at 72 euros). Place a white XXL Fatboy ottoman next to it (from 199 euros). In nylon, its smooth and shiny appearance will contrast with the velvety texture of the fur. And like a giant pillow, its oversize will be all the more accentuated near the traditional size sofa. It is also having fun with the dimensions that you will create a dreamlike setting. Add to that a touch of "unreality" on your wall by hanging a cloud-shaped shelf from Ibride. A great specialist in the genre, their furniture collection features "surreal animals". For example, an elegant console takes the form of a half-ostrich or a loyal dog transforms into an extra stool.

Puncture your decor with unusual accessories

Just like in Alice in Wonderland, unexpected objects interfere everywhere in the decor . Place a "Tank U" soliflore (from 18 euros) in sparkling Limoges porcelain in the shape of a war chariot and associate it with the favorite animal of this trend: the rabbit. And to avoid overloading your interior, it is sparingly and only with a few flagship objects that you punctuate your decor. Light is also important and, like furniture, sets the scene. So have fun with the light and shadow areas. Light up your curtains by placing a light garland behind. The folds of the fabric will reveal lighted areas and like little stars, will enchant your windows. Similarly, you can create the illusion of an aurora borealis using a video projector. Download legal videos from the Internet and project these moving images directly onto the wall, like a live painting.

Focus on the Christmas tree

So instead of the traditional tree, prefer large branches stripped of their leaves and of different sizes. Place them in several jars and thus create a small enchanted forest. Paint them white and hang, like a Christmas tree, decorations such as flowers, transparent glass balls, ribbons ... In addition to being economical, it is just as decorative as a tree of Christmas and will have its effect during the holidays.