Rejuvenate a bathtub

Rejuvenate a bathtub

In the flea markets you will find these delightful cast iron "lion's feet" bathtubs, with deep and soft shapes, which allow you to rediscover all the charm of the bathrooms of yesteryear - comfort in addition! If the taps change relativ

The step by step

Yellow halos due to limestone

1 Let a tap leak for a few weeks and the hard water, laden with iron hydroxide, will quickly form a yellowish spot. As lime is insoluble in lukewarm or hot water, you should try cleaning with an anti-lime gel, less corrosive than scouring powders. Use a quackgrass brush and… scrub!2 If the traces persist, put on your gloves and clean with elongated water of white vinegar, then if that is not enough, phosphoric acid with 10% water. 3 This type of treatment may well make your enamel dull. You can revive its shine with a silicone glazing product, generally used to repair small incidents on car bodies. 4 Then, to bring back the shine, install a sheep skin disc on your drill.

Small shards

1 When part of the enamel has burst, especially in the event of a shock, a deposit of rust quickly forms. With a small trowel, first "jump" all the parts that do not adhere completely, then neutralize the rust with tannic acid.

2 In case of "shortage", prepare a two-component epoxy mixture to seal the damaged area. Do not overload and proceed in very small quantities following the manufacturer's instructions for setting times. 3 After applying the fitting, to make the product even, use the solvent recommended by the manufacturer. To obtain a perfect finish, then lightly sandpaper with water.4 Then proceed to touch up with a spray paint, special bodywork. Please note, these volatile and harmful paints require a few precautions: always protect the surrounding surfaces. To do this, tape newspaper around the area to be painted. You also have to work in a ventilated room… which is rarely the case in a bathroom, so wear an effective mask! If you have to repaint the entire bath, remember to remove the silicone seal first. Observe drying times and temperatures. And wait 24 hours before taking a bath! 5 The old baths all have a white enamel, but for thirty years, manufacturers have offered various colors. This type of "enameling" is sometimes very practical if you want to keep your bathtub for a few more years. For particular colors, always make preliminary tests. In this case, it is usually necessary to paint the entire bathtub to hide the alterations.

Good to know

These aerosol paints are also very suitable for repainting refrigerators ... Especially when their color is no longer in harmony with your new kitchen or the decoration of the room. Know-how - home decor © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2006