Accessories for a successful outdoor meal

Accessories for a successful outdoor meal

To have a great meal outdoors with your friends: take care of the decor and avoid going back and forth in the kitchen. Menu, a Danish company created in 1979 by Simon Hansen, offers a range of accessories to facilitate service and a collection of decorations to please the eye:

Avoid going to the kitchen

To spend as much time as possible with your guests, opt for accessories that will quickly become essential: unbreakable serving tray (34.95 euros), a coat to keep your wine cool (29.95 euros), an insulated bowl with the appearance of ice jumping who will still be able to keep the garnishes warm (49.95 euros) and a bamboo cutting set (79.95 euros).

Create an atmosphere

On the decorative side after dark, candle jars and oil lamps will keep your meal going. The Magma range inspired by volcanic magma offers candle holders in the form of black pebbles on the outside and colored in the center (from 34.50 euros). The flame of Ouragan tealight holders will be protected by a glazed conical glass (39.95 euros) and the LightHouse oil lamps (from 59.95 euros) will light up your meals like headlights straight from Scandinavia.