Centralized vacuuming: another vision of the household

Centralized vacuuming: another vision of the household

Apart from its trendy side, central vacuuming, is a central unit hidden from view, which offers powerful vacuum systems providing perfect hygiene in the home. Jean-Philippe Gros, Marketing Manager at Société Générale d'Aspiration, helps us to see more clearly. Interview by Emmanuelle Maran

What are the advantages of central vacuum compared to conventional vacuum?

First of all, freedom and comfort of use. Cordless and sleigh-less, central vacuum allows optimal movement over a maximum area. One of its other advantages is the minimum noise of the suction breath, which comes from the installation of the motor in the cellar or in the garage, thus avoiding any proliferation of painful decibels. Central vacuuming also considerably cleans up the air. The particles are fully vacuumed and evacuated to the central, unlike canister vacuums which resuspend the finest dust. Finally, the cyclonic effect gives it great suction and filtration power, allowing constant suction in a single pass.

Can everyone equip themselves with central aspiration?

In new buildings, installation is easy since it is previously planned in the construction plans. The real novelty is in the existing. Technology and advanced solutions now allow the passage of conduits in closets, basements or gutters, avoiding major work that can put off many of us.

What works and the average cost to consider?

The works, just like the cost are studied according to the surface of the house. The fact that it is an achievement in the new or in the existing is also to be taken into consideration. The total cost is often far from the idea that one has of it. For example, for a new house of 120 square meters, the total cost (system + installation) is around € 1,950.