I do my moving myself

I do my moving myself

I don't have a lot of money, so no question of using a moving company. On the other hand, since I have a lot of friends, there are a lot of people helping me. So I decide to organize my move myself. Okay, but how do I do it?

I equip myself

Pick up boxes from your supermarket (do it well in advance because you can only pick up a few at a time), or buy it. Specialized companies (it exists!) Will no doubt offer you several types of boxes, such as small book boxes, compartmentalized boxes for glasses, hanging boxes, table boxes, flat screen, halogen, etc. Also provide rolls of plastic bubble wrap, adhesive (the big brown tape), a dispenser (practical and quick to tape the boxes), labels (to indicate the destination of each box, for example the red labels go in the room), two or three black markers (to indicate the contents of each carton), newspaper (to pack the items), strong plastic bags (to pack loose laundry and wedge the furniture in the truck), a cutter (to open the boxes on arrival), a measuring tape (to measure access), a hand truck (to facilitate the transport of boxes, household appliances and furniture). If necessary, if a piece of furniture does not go up the stairs or into the elevator, you may need to rent a furniture lift. Think about it before!

I rent a vehicle

Better to do it some time in advance to have time to compare prices and be sure to have a vehicle on D-Day. The ideal is to have a truck or van equipped with dimples (to protect furniture), tie-down bars (to strap and secure the furniture) and even, why not, a tail lift (very practical for loading and unloading). A priori, a 12 m3 truck is enough to move a studio or a 2 room apartment. For moving 3 or 4 rooms or more, it is better to plan for 20 m3 trucks. The latter are sometimes fitted with a tailgate. These vehicles can be driven with a B license. But be aware that for a 12 m3, the driver must be 21 years old per month and justify 2 years of license. And for a 20 m3, the driver must be at least 25 years old and justify 5 years of license. In all cases, you will be asked for your driving license, proof of address of less than 3 months and a credit card.

I think of everything

The accesses Think about the distance between the moving place and the moving place, the size of the entrance, the doors, the dimensions of the elevator. Pay attention to the height of the truck for the passage under bridges and tunnels (some trucks are blocked). Sorting out A move is a good time to sort out. Get started as soon as possible. Not to sort is to increase the number of boxes for nothing. Think of eBay, the consignments, the Red Cross, Emmaus ... If you don't have the time, do a rough sorting anyway. For the rest, make annotated boxes "To sort". You will do it quietly after moving in. If you want to throw away "bulky items", check with your town hall to find out the changeover days. The packaging We avoid saturation by putting it gradually. By taking your time, you will fill your boxes methodically, by grouping the boxes going in the same room, for example. Start, a month before if possible, with everything that you do not need on a daily basis: off-season clothing, silverware, cellar, attic ... Then the decorative elements that you can do without for a few days, including curtains and rods ( depending on the opposite). Then pack what you have in several copies (tablecloths, hand towels, utensils ...). Finish with the rest. Indicate "High", "Low" and possibly "Fragile" on all the boxes. Little things to remember - Empty the coffee maker, kettle and oil from the fryer. - Do not wax your furniture just before moving to avoid traces by removing the protections. - Empty the drawers of the furniture. - Tape the keys to the bottom of the furniture or their drawers. - Identify the cables when you disconnect the devices. - Consume the reserves (groceries, fresh and frozen) and favor daily shopping for the last two weeks. - Collect the clothes left at the dry cleaners, the shoes from the shoemaker and remember to return the rental DVDs. - The day before or the day before, completely defrost the fridge and freezer. - Gather the personal papers and objects you will need on the day of the move. - Just before leaving, turn off the taps, turn off the electricity, close the shutters, remove your name from the doorbell and the door and empty the mailbox.

I methodically load and unload the vehicle

Make your common sense work! Provide water and a snack for everyone as well as a first aid kit. Make sure to reserve a place for parking the truck, taking into account the space required to open the doors. Start by charging large appliances and large furniture. Place them at the bottom and along the walls. Place the heaviest boxes on the ground and the lightest ones in height. If it is raining, arrange for one person to stay in the truck, another in the apartment while the others commute. Take care when opening the doors when unloading. Unload in order of accessibility and distribute the boxes directly in the destination room. The good idea! Demenagerseul.com simplifies your move: purchase of boxes, rental of equipment, vehicle, etc. Present throughout France via 14 agencies (including 2 in Paris and 1 in Asnières), the company offers a thousand and one solutions to transport your goods at reasonable prices and with quality equipment. Among the smart service offers, the rental of a vehicle in the evening (from 5.30 p.m. to 9 a.m. the next day) for 15 euros, insurance, assistance and 50 km included.