Symbols for choosing your wallpaper

Symbols for choosing your wallpaper

Before choosing your wallpaper, check if its characteristics correspond to your expectations. To do this, consult the symbols on the rollers. Here are their meanings:

Free fitting


Skip fitting

This symbol means that the strips must be reversed

The light fastness of this wallpaper is satisfactory

This wallpaper resists light well

This wallpaper resists light very well

Traditional take-off of this wallpaper

This wallpaper is peelable (this is the case with vinyl)

This wallpaper can be removed leaving the wall ready to be reupholstered

This paper can be wiped off with a damp cloth

This paper supports a damp sponge and a light detergent

Washable with a solvent-free detergent

Brush washable

This symbol indicates that the glue should be applied to the back of the wallpaper

The glue must be applied directly to the wall (this is the case of the non-woven)

The wallpaper covering with this symbol is already pasted