Have a mezzanine installed at home

Have a mezzanine installed at home

Want to win an extra coin? The mezzanine can be an excellent solution if your home is suitable for it. Armelle Harnois, director of the Harnois company, gives us some advice before starting the installation of a mezzanine. Interview by Caroline Delman

What are the different configurations that are suitable for building a mezzanine?

He has two. First of all, the lost roof space. These are attics that are opened on a living room for example, giving additional height to the living room while offering a new room. In the other case, when a living room, for example, has sufficient height, about five meters, we create a mezzanine from scratch. You can also create a mezzanine in a child's room to create a play or sleep space, a little separate from the rest of the room.

Are there any necessary authorizations?

Yes, in two cases. If you create new exterior windows, you must ask for authorization from the town hall due to the neighborhood. The same applies to the built area, if it exceeds 20 square meters, you must apply for a building permit.

What is the average cost to build a mezzanine?

Of course each case is unique but at Harnois, it takes an average of 700 euros per square meter.

What are the other advantages apart from saving space on the mezzanine?

The aesthetics! Roof spaces which are opened on a living room give a particular charm to the room. It is a definite added value. In addition, the staircase must be chosen with care because it is an integral part of the aesthetics of the mezzanine.