Ingenious and design outdoor thermometers

Ingenious and design outdoor thermometers

If the rectangular alcohol thermometer still appeals, manufacturers have developed increasingly ingenious and aesthetic models. Choose according to where the thermometer is intended ...

Thermometers to stick on windows

Very design and discreet,the thermometers to stick on the window are the big news (and the great success!) of recent years. In this spirit, Lapadd offers two adhesive thermometers, to be fixed on the window. The advantages are multiple: no need to go outside to read the temperature, the thermometer does not obstruct the view on the outside (80% of its surface is transparent) and does not need batteries (unlike a weather station) . The temperature measurement is done by a very precise bimetallic technology. Finally, the design of the Look Light and Window Disc thermometers is very contemporary thanks to their round shape, imitating a watch dial.

The outdoor thermometer / weather station

Between the window and the garden, the window sill houses the outdoor thermometer / weather station.These small electronic objects with digital display, in addition to indicating the temperature, measure various parameters of time such as atmospheric pressure, humidity, or wind speed and direction. The design is sober but contemporary thanks to straight lines and neutral colors like black or white. You will find them at Truffaut or Nature et Découvertes.

Plant thermometers

Finally,some thermometers are planted directly in the garden thanks to a long stem of almost a meter . Some keep the traditional rectangular shape such as the weather vane thermometer on sale on the Greenweez site which also indicates the wind direction. Others adopt unusual round shapes such as the round and multicolored thermometer "Disc Speed" at Lapadd. This thermometer measures the temperature thanks to a precise bimetallic system. These thermometers generally display an amplitude of 80 degrees (from approximately -30 to +50), hoping that it does not reach the ends!