What's new for pools and spas?

What's new for pools and spas?

The 2009 Pool and Spa Show enabled us to find the latest trends. We have selected the most remarkable swimming pools and spas for you, particularly for their design, their ecological qualities, their technological performance or their price.

The XXS pool

The Mini Water model by Aquilus is a pool with reduced dimensions to the maximum (less than 10 m2) which integrates all the advantages of conventional pools. This Extra Small pool combines counter-current swimming, massage stations and whirlpool. It claims a low consumption of water and electricity and is not subject to the obligation of declaration of work in town hall given its size.

The swimming pool acclaimed by the public

During the Swimming Pool Show in December 2009, the public prize was awarded to Piscines Caron for the creation of a mini-pool in the "Family Pools at less than € 25,000" category. The "reduced size" pools definitely have the coast.

The most recycled pool

The Desjoyaux Swimming Pool Group is the world's leading manufacturer of in-ground swimming pools, and has been committed to sustainable development and the economy of resources for years. The brand thus offers structures made from 100% recycled material, which is a first of its kind. Today, 8,400 bottles of milk can be transformed, thanks to the magic of industry and recycling, into a Desjoyaux ovoid 8 x 4m pool!

The most natural pool

For over 25 years Bioteich® has offered an alternative to the "traditional" swimming pool with chemical maintenance. Their exclusive and innovative process of 100% natural Natural Baths® is part of a civic approach that is increasingly sought after by consumers concerned with preserving the environment. The secret of how these pools work: it is the aquatic plants which, combined with micro-organisms, filter the water. No more use of chemicals and chlorine.

The most sustainable spa

Armore Bay by Dimension One Spa, distributed by Nordique France is an ecological spa with its exterior cladding made from 100% recycled plastic milk bricks. In addition, its structure is made of wood from the forests of Sierra Nevada where we practice sustainable management. Its 100% foam insulation also saves 85% of energy consumption compared to conventional spas.

The most fitness pool

Alliance Piscine offers the "vanilla fitness pool". Its 2 relaxation benches offer all the benefits of balneotherapy and hydrotherapy, while preserving a swimming space. This super-equipped pool concept makes it possible to group together in a limited space a relaxation space and a swimming space increased tenfold by swimming against the current.

The inflatable spa

The Bubble spa Taupe is ideal for an initiation to the spa. This inflatable spa is mobile, compact, safe and affordable. It can be assembled in less than 5 minutes without tools and can be installed indoors and outdoors. He just needs a power outlet. Fun, affordable, easy to install wherever you want at home, discover the pleasures of a whirlpool with the Bubble spa, the latest addition to Irrijardin Piscines Spa Arrosage.

The customizable spa

You can now treat yourself to a spa that truly matches your interior by choosing the skin for your spa. No more glossy cream spa, a bit too cheesy! Everything is possible ! but you will of course have to break your piggy bank! If you are interested, you will find all the information on