Jars and pots for fruit and jams are decorative

Jars and pots for fruit and jams are decorative

The summer fruit season begins and it's time to make jams and jars of fruit: apricots, strawberries, raspberries and plums will be exposed in the kitchen thanks to jars with new shapes and decorative ideas for customize. So, finished the simple jar with its orange rubber washer! Our summer jams will slip into old-fashioned jars or decorate with a few tricks.

Choosing the right jar for jams

Traditional and always effective, Le Parfait jars offer various capacities from 0.5 liter to 3 liters for example, which is ideal for preserving jams and fruit. Note, the mini-jars with a capacity of 100 ml will also serve as verrines, to serve mousses and other desserts. Revisited and design, the Eva Solo delicacy jar with its curved line accommodates pasta, sugar or flour as well as marinated fruit or vegetables thanks to its airtight lid. Made from mouth-blown glass, each jar is unique. Finally you can also choose to hunt for old jars of jams or jars , but in this case you will have to protect your jams with paraffin and / or cling film.

5 decorative ideas to decorate your pots and jars

- Small slate labels allow you to write and erase at will. - Small wooden or colored clothespins hold the labels indicating the container of the pot. You attach them to the jar clamp (Le Parfait type). - You write the container directly on the glass using a special glass pen paint. - You cover the cover with a piece of fabric knotted with a rope (linen, raffia, etc.) and stick a photocopy of the fruit colors that the jar contains on it. - For jars of fruit (and vegetables), remember to arrange them by colors to create colorful and decorative layers.

The book you need

Cendrine's jars by Cendrine Dominguez, ed. Practical hatchet, 18 euros.