How to decorate well when you are disorganized?

How to decorate well when you are disorganized?

Step 1: learn to sort and have fun with storage. Step 2: adopt a decorative style that coexists cheerfully with the disorder. Step 3: play down the storage and take on your joyful mess to feel good at home! Here is what we offer you through this special messy article. Not only can storage be a breeze (thanks to some ingenious tricks), but it is not essential to feel good in your interior ... And we prove it to you!

1. Store, sort and deceive the look!

© Domino - Photo: Amber Rowlands Many of us put things off until tomorrow. And more of us hate tidying up. Yes, but decluttering an interior means emptying it out so that you can find your way around and save time every day. We see you coming: it's easier said than applied! It is true that it is not always easy to respect one's resolutions, especially over the long term. However, there are a few tricks so that storage is no longer a headache. First of all, you must sort through your interior. Again, it's not the most fun. In order not to be discouraged right away, set yourself goals: one day, you tidy up and sort out part of the dressing room, the other a drawer in the kitchen… In the same way, force yourself to adopt good reflexes. When you leave a room, take things that have nothing to do with it. It's like dishes, it's less difficult to do it as you have to take care of a sink filled to the brim, isn't it? In this way, you will not feel like you are making efforts and you will become more efficient. The things that you are not sure of keeping - "those that can always be used ..." - can be stored in a box until you decide what to do with them. Give yourself a cut-off date (a week, a month ...) and if at that time you still haven't released them, you know what you have to do ... Many associations will be delighted to receive the business which you no longer use! Finally, always keep in mind to tidy up to make your daily life more pleasant. How? 'Or' What ? By arranging in a methodical way: place within easy reach the objects of daily use and leave those with more exceptional use (like the raclette machine), the more difficult accesses. Optimize your spaces with suitable storage and multifunctional furniture.

2. Opt for an adequate decor style

© JJ Media You already know the storage tips mentioned above but that probably does not prevent you from having a messy interior? The verdict is clear: you are messy and you will not change! Know that this is not an end in itself! And even if storage means getting rid of the surface, nothing prevents you from having a well-filled interior! Some people believe that a messy interior prevents clear ideas. But for others, it is rather the opposite! Disorder reassures them and purifies them anxiety. And as they say, it takes everything to make a world! If you are disorganized, several decorative styles can suit you. We think in particular of bohemian, vintage, flea market styles or even interior curiosity cabinet type. Lovers of vintage decoration will make their interior a museum of recycled and retro objects that they will take care to retype and customize. The followers of bohemian atmosphere meanwhile, will accumulate travel souvenirs and handcrafted creations. As you can see, all these decorative styles have one thing in common: they highlight sentimental objects, objects that have a story to tell. But above all, they accumulate them, collect them and highlight them on open cupboards and on the walls. The materials mix and the patterns offer a joyful mix and match. In short, the mismatched has never been used as much as through these decorative inspirations. Although the types of decorative objects vary according to these different styles, they are generally objects that are chosen with the heart. And that's why we never tire of it. Because, when they surround us, they reassure us and we feel good. The good news ? These trends are no less sustainable since they promote the recovery of objects, home-made and crafts!

3. Take on your messy side!

© Photo: Karl Anderson Newspapers piling up on the side table in the living room, books piling up at the foot of the sofa, shoes lying around the house… Let's be honest, many of us live in this genre situation. What if we assumed it? After all, a sanitized and refined interior is not for everyone! In addition, it is said that disorder stimulates creativity (it seems!). Anyway, a mastery bric à brac can be just as aesthetic as a more minimalist interior. So do not doubt your artistic and decorative talents and play down the storage! One last piece of advice: break away from social norms. Your interior is your cocoon and it must resemble you. If you like your interior and you feel good with your bazaar, why change it?