Easily make a silver garland

Easily make a silver garland


1 braided mat of medium quality steel wire (in DIY stores) 1 electric garland of about 20 bulbs


5 'Making the mesh tube

If your hands are fragile, put on rubber gloves because the metal shavings are slightly sharp. Find one end of the weaving of the metallic braided mat and undo the braiding until you get a mesh tube of about 2.5 m.

5 'Tube winding

Wrap this tube on itself starting from the two ends and making them meet in the center.

Roll the mesh tube over itself

5 'Assembly of the garland and the tube

Fold your electric garland in half to double the number of bulbs; place them in staggered rows. Then introduce half of the electric garland inside the mesh, as shown in the diagram.

Thread the garland by doubling it

5 'Finishes

Unroll the tube in two stages: first on the right then on the left, while firmly holding the electric garland and the mesh in the center of the assembly with one hand. For a nice finish, let the metal ends wrap around itself.


If you wish to suspend your garland vertically, simply use the loop formed by the electric wire at one end of it as a fixing support.

20 metal and wire objects © éditions Flammarion, 2004