Zoom on the feel good decoration trend

Zoom on the feel good decoration trend

As you can see, the slow life movement is on the move and does not seem to have said its last word! Between hygge philosophy, Scandinavian design and cocooning spirit, the Feel Good trend is at a crossroads. Feeling good at home, in harmony with your environment, has become a basic need. Our lives up to date and the stress of everyday life pushed us to our limits, and we ended up feeling the need to find ourselves. This quest for authenticity, this need to feel safe in a cocoon of sweetness, that is the goal of the Feel Good movement! In the form of rounded furniture, with the air of a nest, a comforting bubble, in soft and light materials like the caress of a feather ... We love each other, we bundle up, we reconnect to the beauty of things and to the little pleasures of life. The editorial staff of dé gives you their precious advice for a 100% well-being decoration. The Feel Good Attitude is yours!

Quotes to see life on the bright side

© Rdttypography / Mild Art They are called the motivational quotes. These kind quotes, which are now flourishing in all decoration stores, are on the rise! In the form of a poster, stickers, lightbox, colorful cushions or even painted on the wall, these sweet little sentences help us to see life on the bright side. To re-motivate, restore confidence, or even learn to love each other, you will undoubtedly find the one that echoes in you. And why not create your own quotes? Better than our old software Paint, go to the Canva website. Simple and intuitive, let yourself be tempted by one of the many graphics proposed. All that remains is to print and drag our poster into a nice frame. And to push creativity even further, why not print our motto on a mug? Merry mornings!

Color to feel good

© Design Milk If you need these little positive phrases to feel good, you don't say no to a little color in addition ! As we know, the impact of color in interior architecture is such that we say that certain shades can affect mood. Hence the importance of not being wrong! For a tender and relaxing atmosphere, we prefer to choose pastel colors. Celadon blue, peach pink, aqua green or a touch of coral… Associated with white and light wood of a Scandinavian interior, these powdery shades will be perfect for a soft decoration! But it is not forbidden to explode the color! By small touches or flattened on a wall, bright colors have the advantage of setting the tone. They will appeal to outspoken and sunny personalities, who are not afraid of laughter. For an energizing decor, we favor warm colors with citrus zest. Lemon yellow, pop orange, anise green or even vermilion red… In one vintage interior, they will be a sensation!

Rounded furniture for absolute comfort

© Soul Inside / Skeledog Soft, plump, velvety… Something that envelops our whole being with sweetness… This is what we are looking for in the Feel Good trend! From furniture and accessories to curved and rounded shapes, Yes, but not only. Seating above all! To feel in perfect harmony with your furniture, you opt for ultra-soft armchairs with soft coverings and flawless ergonomics. We love it with big hygge socks and a good cup of tea in hand. Large cushions, plaids and soft fabrics (// complete the picture. And why not install a hammock in the living room to bubble in his spare time? After all, there is nothing wrong with having fun!

Soft lights for a subdued atmosphere

© Life is a party / Savly For a relaxing atmosphere, we adopt subdued and indirect lighting. Some accent lamps will be more suitable than too raw and superficial lighting. We prefer warm white for a soothing light. And why not some pretty light garlands ? Above the bed, on the desk or in a glass globe on the sideboard in the living room… Something to warm up for the next winter evenings! We don't hesitate to take inspiration from Nordic trends such as philosophy hygge. A good chimney fire or scented candles for their warm radiance ... And we do not forget that light is above all in the little things in life!

Vegetables for a lively and refined decor

© Sarah Kirby / Flying Tiger Copenhagen Finally, to bring some life to the painting, we think of plants. A bouquet of fresh flowers in a pretty vase to bring a romantic touch, and voila! And why not adopt some pretty green plants ? Cacti, succulents, patterned plants, depolluting plants ... You will inevitably find your happiness! In addition to their decorative and oxygenating properties, you will be proud to see them grow a little more each day ... Nature is well done! Softness, colors, light and sparkling… You now know where to start to see life on the bright side! What if it was the recipe for happiness?