The accumulation of objects to personalize your decor

The accumulation of objects to personalize your decor

One object is good, several is better! To personalize your decor and give it a unique effect, think about accumulation. Certain accessories or furniture such as mirrors or shelves for example, lend themselves naturally to multiplication. Here are five ideas for creating a very personal style at home.

Personalized and unique engraved objects

With some ideas of personalized decoration, you can create a festive table or a room full of cheerfulness. Imagine champagne flutes engraved for each guest or with a personalized message! In mechanical glass or crystalline, your guests will be happy to take this flute as a gift that they will keep preciously. We can also think of a plexi table decoration engraved with a winter motif. With the laser engraving, you will be able to create a unique decoration or make gifts that will please those who receive them. And to personalize each room, also think of signage with textured door plates. Children will be happy to personalize their bedroom door and show that it is their territory! Easy to make, these objects are personalized in France very quickly!

Print your photos

Printers have redoubled their imagination to enhance your photos. Of course, we think of printing in traditional format, but you can let your creativity speak by selecting more playful products. Printed cushions, photo on canvas, mug with the image of your dog ! Have fun and take pleasure in reviewing your photos with little touches scattered throughout your home. On the fridge, we put some pictures of the people we love and who have been printed on magnets. There are a large number of objects to personalize according to your desires. Again, this is a perfect gift idea to please guests who will leave with well-presented souvenirs or simply original Christmas gift ideas that will save you the hassle of last minute.

Dress up the items you own!

Sail the DIY (Do It Yourself) trend! Doing it yourself is an opportunity to personalize the decoration of the house while saving money and respecting the environment.

Boost your furniture

Tired of your dresser or your grandmother's dresser? Do not throw! With a little elbow grease and imagination, you can get more modern furniture at a lower cost. There are paints very easy to apply to cover a very dark shade. Prepare your furniture well by sanding it delicately in the direction of the grain of the wood. Make your choice of the treatment of your furniture. There are kits to create a style a bit old-fashioned or with a particular patina. Effect wax, adhesives with graphic patterns or colored wallpaper, Grandma's furniture will regain a second youth.

Light suspensions

Some light and transparent suspensions can easily accumulate to create a "soap bubble" effect. Suspensions in glass or paper ball (which you will easily find) are particularly favorable. It is then up to you to adjust the height of each one to your liking for a very aerial rendering.

Tables or postcards

To dress a wall in a corridor for example, think of the accumulation of photos, postcards or small paintings. The most economical solution is the multiplication of postcards or photos. Tables are also suitable as long as they are not too large. And to create a certain harmony, determine a theme. It can be holiday postcards, photos of friends or pictures of the same style.


Nothing could be simpler than collecting mirrors on a wall. Not only is the decorative effect guaranteed, but the room will also be visually enlarged. Get several small mirrors, whether they are the same shape or not and also think of the mirror stickers that can do the trick.

The shelves

Thanks to the little inexpensive colorful shelves that you can find everywhere, accumulate them on the walls to create a graphic effect. The form is then a matter of taste. Staircase, wave or aligned, arrange them according to the style of the room and your desires ...

Coffee tables

To create a unique and modular coffee table, get small models of square or rectangular shapes that you will have next to each other. Thus, in addition to the final shape that you can determine for yourself, the choice of different colors allows an original and very personal rendering. Finally, nothing prevents you from moving the tables from time to time to avoid monotony!

Divert old frames

Search the attic to find old frames or go to the attics to buy cheap wooden frames. Varied shapes and different styles, do not hesitate to diversify to create an interesting contrast. You can also use the frame otherwise by filling the center with a very current wallpaper or by applying a green plant in a small fixed pot. And for an offbeat style, we choose to leave the portrait of great grandpa with big mustaches, but by painting the frame in a fluorescent or very bright color.

Stage the baskets

We choose from all shapes and in various colors! Have fun with baskets that you can use as a lampshade or hang on the wall as a real decorative object. The basket is also perfect for enhancing a green plant or aromatic herbs in the kitchen. The basket also incorporates the shelves to create storage that is both practical and aesthetic.

Recycle your wooden wine boxes

The wooden wine crate is a very popular and sought-after object. Indeed, it can be left raw to accommodate magazines or to store a few small items. We can also paint it in contemporary colors to imagine more personal shelves. And if you have a handyman soul, you will find tutorials to create an original console or a small piece of furniture. A few elegant boards and feet are enough to make a piece of furniture that you will not see anywhere else. Decorate the interior walls with fun wallpaper to bring out your decorative element.

Sew and cut!

Does that seem complicated? But with a few good explanations and a good sewing machine, you can design custom objects. Imagine fabric blinds, cushions or creating a patchwork to cover an old sofa. The child's bedroom is revived with a blanket to play with the image of his favorite character. We can also think of a garland of pennants to give fantasy to a wall. And to brighten up a bathroom decoration, you can make baskets with a Liberty backing. There are many bosses on the Internet to get you into slightly more complicated and ambitious pieces.

Arrange to make your interior more practical

Personalizing your interior decoration also means making it more clever. Can't find the furniture or shelf that fits perfectly with the shape of your wall? Get started in designing shelves that meet your expectations. You don't have to be a DIY expert to get aesthetic and practical storage. The shelf fits in a kitchen to accommodate your kitchen utensils, but also comes in an office for ideal ergonomics. Think about your storage depending on what you will place there. With a few brackets and solid wooden boards, you will succeed in creating the shelf that you really need and that will not cost you much! Design your interior decoration according to your personality and reduce costs by choosing to boost your objects! Make some personalized gifts for your guests or to decorate your living room. And above all, have fun!