Before / After: Create a veranda in harmony with an old building

Before / After: Create a veranda in harmony with an old building

Certain French regions benefit from a low rate of sunshine during most of the year: it is therefore difficult to take advantage of its open swimming pool when the heat is not there! In this Norman farmhouse, the owners were tired of not being able to bathe as they pleased. They therefore called on Vérand'art, specialist in original and creative custom verandas, to cover their pool while preserving and enhancing the natural charm of the existing structure.

Cutting-edge technology in a charming setting

Before : Located in Eure-et-Loire, this superb farmhouse with typical Norman architecture has many advantages: with its exposed stone walls, its open swimming pool and its beautiful wooded grounds, this family home has what it takes! The owners however wish to modify the exteriors by means of an extension. Their project? Cover the pool, which they can only take advantage of during the summer, and attach it to the house. Lovers of the old and the old stones, they wish to have a charming construction carried out, in perfect harmony with their habitat. They therefore call on Vérand'art, who has 20 years of experience in building verandas. Specializing in tailor-made, accustomed to arduous technical constraints, the team of architects in charge of the project offers them a construction of 85m2 forming an "L" with the house. After agreement of the owners, the works can finally start!

After : it is a real custom-built architectural feat that Vérand'Art accomplished! To respect the style of the house, the new veranda harmoniously combines stone walls and glazing, giving the impression of having always been an integral part of the building. To connect the two buildings, the architects therefore modified the existing framework, adding a point-like roof overhang. Clever, the link thus created not only abolishes the boundaries between the two, but offers storage space where all bathing affairs now find their place. On each side of the veranda, large bay windows are framed by aluminum profiles in brown tones, which blend perfectly into the aesthetics of the existing habitat.

Final touch, the exterior walls are covered with stones similar to those of the original architecture for a unique creation, sublimating the natural cachet of the house. In terms of decoration, simplicity and rustic style were favored, always with a concern for integration with the exterior: raw wooden scales act as towel holders and a beautiful industrial-inspired wall clock watches over the whole of new construction. A wooden terrace extends the veranda, allowing owners to enjoy the sun from the first days of summer! More info on