Before / After: Create a living room open to the garden

Before / After: Create a living room open to the garden

The owners of this large house in Seine et Marne enjoy a beautiful living area and a large garden. The house, built in the 80s, is surrounded by a wooded park and a paved terrace in a classic style. Several disadvantages however push the family to want to change the interior arrangement, which no longer corresponds to their lifestyle. The too dark living rooms and the lack of openness to the outside eventually convince her to opt for a radical transformation! Explanations in pictures.

An interior bathed in light

Before : Owning a large house without being able to take advantage of the outside light at ease, this is a shame. It must be said that the Paris region does not benefit from optimal sunshine and that the winters sometimes seem a bit long. It is precisely the lack of sunshine which pushes this family of Seine and Marne to call upon Vie & Véranda, specialized in the construction of modern and traditional verandas for more than 30 years. The owners wish to abandon the classic masonry extensions for a glass construction in order to increase the supply of light while enjoying the view of the garden. The project ? Enlarge the overly dark kitchen and create a dining area combined with a living room, much better exposed to natural light. After several meetings with the architects of Vie & Vérandas and the approval of the 3D plans, the work can finally begin!

After : The owners now benefit from an additional 35 m2 of space, into which they have integrated a large living room. Family and friends can now gather in this beautiful space dedicated to meals and relaxation! The couple opted for a wooden frame veranda model, which is an insulating material par excellence, natural and resistant: the latter made it possible to create the new surface without intermediate support, which represents a significant economic advantage. On the color side, it is white, slightly enhanced with pebble gray, which wins all the votes, for indoors and outdoors. The owners wanted to create continuity with the existing facade while facilitating light transmission. Although the roof of the veranda is covered with tiles comparable to those of the house, a glass opening has been created to allow the light to penetrate, even at the least sunny hours of the day. To this new construction is added a pretty terrace of white stones, which complete to illuminate the whole. More information on //