Which air conditioning is the most economical?

Which air conditioning is the most economical?

Summer is coming and you want to invest in an air conditioner. Only here, a too bulky model would be too expensive to buy but undersized, an air conditioning will consume too much and will not fulfill its functions ... How to make the right choice? It all depends on your needs and the area of ​​the rooms to be cooled. The editor gives you some information to choose an economical air conditioning and adapted to your home.

The importance of the area / equipment ratio

If you only want to refrigerate a small room of less than 12 m2, know that additional or monobloc air conditioning is sufficient. For a larger room, or even for the whole house, a fixed and more complex system will be necessary. In this case, you can study the different air conditioning systems according to your needs: split, heat pump….

Power and energy efficiency

To choose the right size of air conditioner, make sure you know the surface to be air conditioned, the sunshine and the insulation of your home. Also choose a device with good energy efficiency, which will be more economical over time. For this, refer to the energy label as well as the technical characteristics.

Reversible air conditioning: more economical?

Reversible air conditioning is one of the most economical. More expensive by 10% for installation, it produces heat in winter (thanks to the reversibility system) and allows substantial savings on the bill (between 15 and 25%) over time.