What decor in a room with blue floors?

What decor in a room with blue floors?

Elise's question


Design response: relaxing colors

You have a lot of possibilities with this blue floor, you must remain in soft colors conducive to relaxation. A blue gray wall, a gray violet can also be very relaxing or a taupe gray tending to lavender. The idea is to start with muted and elegant colors so as not to collide with your parquet. You can paint the headboard wall in this color and paint the other walls in a light string so as not to suffocate the room too much. You can also play on a shades of these shades to decorate your room: curtains, chair, bedside tableā€¦ A mixture of light wood and white for the furniture, associated with these shades, will help create a beautiful harmony of colors in your room. To feel in a real cocoon and for more privacy, it is best not to install your bed facing the door. If you are going on a gray violet, you can put a duvet in a slightly dense gray or linen color, a mixture of taupe cushions, wine lees, violet and string. You can also attenuate the presence of your parquet floor with a nice carpet which in addition will bring to your room a cozy and intimate effect. You too, send us your decoration question