5 ways to integrate the cashmere motif into your interior

5 ways to integrate the cashmere motif into your interior

The cashmere pattern, or Paisley pattern, is available in all the trendy colors. Indispensable for bringing a bohemian touch to the interior decoration, it fits into each room with small subtle… and sublime touches. From the wallpaper that marks its return to the cushions, curtains and dishes, the cashmere motif makes us fall in love.

Wallpaper printed with a cashmere pattern

The wallpaper is back and flatters our interiors with its delicious prints. The cashmere pattern is no exception to the rule. He also returns for a bohemian decor with soft tones. Use sparingly, the wallpaper printed with cashmere patterns punctuates the decor. To avoid visually overloading the room, however, the total look is avoided. A strip of judiciously placed wallpaper nicely highlights an alcove in her bohemian spirit. You can also lay a Paisley motif frieze.

Cashmere print curtains and cushions

In a universe of great sobriety, it is good taste to bring a little fantasy through graphic notes. Cashmere curtains match the cushions to personalize a room. Opt for DIY! Choose your upholstery in the largest specialized houses. They offer you a cashmere motif in different tonal harmonies such as black and gold, green and dark red, powder pink and moss green or ocher and purple. Colors in the trend!

Cashmere printed tableware

In the kitchen or on the veranda, dishes, spice jars and other printed vases also play the card of Persian ornament. Delightful on a table and shelves, these small porcelain objects display a very delicate cashmere pattern. At its origin, this motif symbolized love. What could be more logical then than to attack the day with a private breakfast? Opt for cups and saucers adorned with a pretty boteh, Persian name for the legendary original motif that represented plants at the time.

A cashmere rug

With its beautiful arabesques, the Paisley rug is another way of integrating the cashmere motif into its interior. Its traditional print brings an original touch to the decoration of the living room or office. This carpet covers the floor with the dominant color of your choice: chocolate, fern green, slate gray, midnight blue, eggplant or mocha brown. Thanks to this rich variation, it is possible to harmonize the cashmere pattern of a pure silk or wool carpet with the tones of the room. The result obtained is of rare elegance.

Paisley linens

Linen printed with cashmere patterns is suitable for all styles of decoration, from the most classic to the most design. Bed linen, bath sheets, tea towels and hand towels give pride of place to this new print which is very popular in the home. Choose pastel to create a romantic universe or darker colors for a rather chic note. In the kitchen, the tea towels are adorned with a cashmere print in a more flashy color for the dynamic touch. Take the time to hunt around to find old objects with a cashmere motif that will find a place in your inner universe. Take advantage of flea markets and garage sales where some original nuggets may well make you succumb.