Bring color back to all your spaces!

Bring color back to all your spaces!

Autumn is coming! The perfect time to surf the latest color trends in decoration. Living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom display the color in this article… There's joy!

Bring the sun into your living room!

The living room is THE living room of the house where you receive, discuss or relax in front of the TV ... Hence the importance of the choice of colors to give it. To avoid chromatic escalation, we combine a dominant color and a complementary color with neutral tones. The right idea? Play with accessories! Combining a mustard yellow AMPOULE cushion and an ASTORIA gray sofa will, for example, bring some rays of sunshine to your interior. To stay on top of the 2016 trend, don't forget to add some notes of celadon blue or olive green to your interior by betting, for example on a end of CACHOU sofa. Your living room has just taken a few degrees; you can start the fall warm!

The mix and match, an ally of your kitchen

All chromatic eccentricities are allowed in the kitchen! The bravest can already roll up their sleeves to paint a section of wall in clear yellow or teal blue. The creatives experience the art of Mix and Match by playing with the colors of the chairs around the table (ABBY, JOYAU, FRIDA, INDUS, CHARLIE, ANEMONE). What do you think is the best combination to start the day with a vitamin boost? And don't forget to put color on your table, as we explain to you here!

Color splashes in your bathroom

Gone are the days when the bathroom was the forgotten piece of decor. A well-being space in its own right, this room, which comes alive as soon as the alarm rings, is adorned with colors that echo the joyful parades of the morning. No need to tackle the tiles to brighten up the first hours of the day… A few touches of color skillfully displayed on the bathroom linen or decorative accessories are enough to awaken the good mood that lies dormant in you. To reveal a very trendy Zen look, use and abuse the cream and chocolate tones. Your bathroom takes on the air of a Spa…

Soft colors for the bedroom

For color the room , which is above all a piece of rest, we put on the colors Feng Shui. A few notes of blue on bed linen are enough to remind the holidays. Very trendy, nude and flesh colors bring a touch of femininity to the bedroom. Green, on the other hand, does not fail to evoke the soothing nature. Associated with natural tones, it has the immediate effect of reconnecting you to Nature without even having to move there ... We also give you other tips for playing with colors in this article dedicated to the question!

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