Wallpaper made for me

Wallpaper made for me

Are you a decoration fan to the point of wanting wallpaper made especially for you? It is now possible. Benoît Rossignol, manager of the publishing company Gaf, explains how to do it. Interview by Bérangère Larivaud.

What is Gaf?

It is a publishing company of customizable decoration products. For the moment, we offer wallpaper, tablecloths and roller blinds.

How can you personalize your wallpaper?

The customer chooses a wallpaper design that he likes on our website. We offer around thirty models, each one available in several colors. Then he enters the measurements of his wall. Our graphic designers then intervene to adapt the visual to the scale of the wall. You can also create wallpaper from a customer photo. Our graphic designers rework the photo and pixelate it to translate it as an assembly of pastilles or small squares. The rendering is very graphic. Up close, it's abstract. From a distance, we can perceive the original visual.

How to order your custom wallpaper?

Just go to site. To personalize your own photo, choose the Point or Swatches model and then send your photo as an attachment. Once we have worked on the visual, we offer it to the person for validation, then we start printing. Customers can of course call us for more details.

In what form do you receive your wallpaper?

As a single roll. All the strips are one after the other, separated by a small yellow strip to cut. Thus, it is impossible to be wrong in the order of the strips!

What quality of wallpaper is this?

It is about non-woven. There is therefore no need for an upholstery table for laying. Just stick the wall and apply the paper directly. This non-woven fabric is washable. It can be cleaned if necessary with a sponge and a mild detergent.

What are the deadlines for receiving your personalized wallpaper?

It takes 2 to 3 weeks.

What is the price of this customizable wallpaper?

For a space to be covered of 1.40 m wide by 2.40 m high, it is necessary to count 146 €. It's more expensive than the average wallpaper but you have a unique wall!

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