DIY: I personalize my household linen

DIY: I personalize my household linen

It is possible to buy ready to use… but what pride to add a little creativity in your daily life! Follow our sewing tutorials to bring a touch of fantasy on your cushions and your linens. Let's go !

Pompom cushions

For this DIY, you will need:
cushions of your choice
assorted wool
a pompom or cardboard
a compass and a pencil
a piece of cardboard
a little rule
scissors and / or a cutter
a big needle It's your turn! 1 / If you do not have a pompom device, grab a piece of cardboard and with the compass, draw a first circle of 7 cm. Then inside it a second smaller circle. It is necessary to make 2. 2 / Cut all around the big circles then the inside of the small circles (take the cutter to help you). Once your circles are finished, cut on each of them a small opening which will be used to pass the wool (see photos). 3 / Superimpose the 2 circles and wrap the wool around it to make a fairly thick layer. Then slide the pair of scissors between the 2 circles and cut the wool. Tighten the center of the circle with your other hand so that your small pieces of wool do not escape. 4 / Now take another piece of wool and slide it between the 2 circles of cardboard. Wrap several times then tie a tight knot. You can remove the cardboard circles and cut the protruding wires. 5 / Make as many pompoms as there are corners of cushions to garnish. 6 / You can now take the needle and a piece of wool and sew your tassels to the four corners of your cushions and even put more if you want!

A patterned cushion

Just as pretty visually, the idea here is to make cushion covers that look like you. Floral patterns, letters or rhinestones, it's up to you!
cushion covers in 100% plain cotton
iron-on transfers, which you can find on websites such as A little mercerie or Creavea. Are you ready? We attack! 1 / Heat your iron and place your cushion covers flat on an ironing board or a suitable support. 2 / Prepare the transfers and identify the precise place where you want to place them. 3 / Take care not to make a mistake and position your transfer after removing the protective film. Then, transfer to the cover by pressing firmly and long enough with the iron. 4 / Let cool without touching and proceed with the other transfers. 5 / Mission accomplished! You just have to put your cushions in the house.

Customized bath sheets

Ah all these white or plain towels ... (sigh). Want a little fantasy? We suggest you enhance them with a strip of ribbon. They are available in all widths and styles. You need :
a sewing machine
plain bath sheets
one meter
scissors Get started! 1 / Measure your towel and cut the necessary length of ribbon by adding 1 centimeter on each side to make a return on both sides. 2 / Heat the sewing machine and position the ribbon with a small edge inwards. Start sewing on one side and then the entire length. 3 / Make the second edge with its edge inwards, sew it and finish sewing the bottom of the ribbon. 4 / Cut the wires that protrude and voila, it's already over! You can multiply the creations and why not do the same for beach towels. Bonus: in the machine, the ribbon does not move and does not rub off. Ultra practical! Now it's up to you to apply these tutorials on all types of cushions, starting with SAINT-TROPEZ washed linen cushions, ALMERA floor cushions, but also the various SERENA bath linen collections or the new IGLOO collection! Visual credits: The-camelia, Creavea, Au pays des Cactus

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