15 Ikea Hacks for the kitchen

15 Ikea Hacks for the kitchen

If Ikea has always offered a wide choice of furniture, lighting and decorative objects at low prices, today the trend is towards customization! The Ikea Hack is a real phenomenon that has invaded the Web since Internet users exchange the result of their Do It Yourself made from products of the brand. The principle ? Divert the furniture of the Swedish brand from its primary function. Makeovers, personalization, adding elements ... Anything goes! Here are the best ideas we have spotted to give your kitchen a facelift!

Make a kitchen island with a library

Ikea offers many models of bookcases, with shelves or cubes in which you can store books. To have airy and easily accessible storage in your kitchen, install a brand library in the center of your kitchen and store your small appliances, jars or recipe books. Attach a board to the top of the cabinet to form a work surface. And now, your kitchen island is ready!

Make shelves without attaching them to walls

You want to install shelves but you want to be able to dismantle them easily and not to damage your walls? Use Ikea iron bars, originally designed to hang kitchen utensils or a shower curtain, and nest them to form a metal structure, to which you add hooks, grids or a magnetic panel to store your pots and pans and other containers.

Improvised flower pots

To make planters with your little hands, simply use a shower curtain rod and the metal hooks that go with it. Put your plants or flowers in small iron pots and voila!

A very girly bar on wheels

To customize a basic Ikea furniture and make it a decorative element that we will not see in everyone, attach casters to a storage block and use this furniture as a trolley, storing dishes, glasses, jars filled with cookies or bottles of alcohol. Whether for a snack for your children, a tea with friends or an aperitif with a colleague, this bar will have its effect!

Practical and clever storage

The Swedish giant contains very practical little elements, which are even more so when they are diverted from their primary use! To optimize the space in your kitchen, hang a magazine rack in a cupboard under the sink to store your cleaning products, a shelf in the door of a cabinet to place the spices or a bar iron to hold the lids of the pans.

Turn a library into a dresser

You do not have the place to store all your crockery and your bulky utensils? Turn this Ikea bookcase into a dresser to install in an open kitchen. You can close some boxes and leave others open. Source: Two Girls One Mag Blog

Customize storage cupboards

If your kitchen overflows into your living room, opt for simple wooden cupboards that you can then customize with paint, wallpaper or masking tape. Let your creativity run free to draw inspiring shapes.

Create a multifunction central island

In an American kitchen, the island can act as both a work plan, a dining area but also additional storage space for your cookbooks or certain files that you need to have on hand. This Ikea furniture has been completely redesigned to accommodate enough storage. Source: Easy Patchwork Blog

Turn a tray into a shelf

Here is a rather unusual Do It Yourself! Using a tray, you can form a hanging shelf for your coffee capsules, condiments or jars. It is both practical and decorative!

Paint a shelf

This Hyllis shelf is quite common, except when you customize it! A simple stroke of colored paint on each of its shelves and voila. Source: Auguste and Claire Blog

Build a kitchen island

In a small space, it is sometimes difficult to find the furniture you need. This owner therefore transformed a small library into a storage unit with drawers, which he slipped under an erected structure with simple wooden planks to act as a dining area.

Customize running boards

Whether for children or to reach your tall furniture, the steps are very practical in the kitchen. This Bekvam model has been covered with wallpaper and paint to become a real decorative object that puts colors behind the stoves.

Little touches that change everything

The Reform brand offers to customize your Ikea furniture with small decorative accessories like stickers for facades, original door handles, solid colors or copper, etc. What energize your kitchen!

Build an original side table

You wouldn't believe it at first, but this side table was made using wooden briefcases. You can therefore store magazines there, which you can read while having your coffee in the morning.

Optimizing a small island

This work surface is very practical for having more space in the kitchen. With a door, it allows you to store bulky items. Remember to attach a trash can to hide it and save space.

For more information, get the book Reinvent Ikea , which brings together 70 hacks, available from Hoëbeke editions at 19.90 euros.