Lamé candle holders

Lamé candle holders


Scissors 1 scouring sponge in fine metal mesh 1 straight water glass (top: 6.5 cm; bottom: 5 cm, maximum height: 11 cm) 1 fondue candle


1 'Preparation of the sponge

Cut the two ends (crosswise) of the metal sponge with scissors, 1 cm from the edge. Remove the foam plate inside.

Cut out the two ends of the sponge

3 'Assembly of the different elements

At one end, bend a hem of about 1.5 cm towards the inside of the tube, without fixing it. Thread the glass through the side of the tube that has a hem.

Bend a hem towards the inside of the tube

Put on the glass

Place water and float a candle

1 'Finishing

Place water inside the glass and float a fondue candle.


The metallic mesh of the sponge does not offer the same effect inside and out, so you can vary the pleasures ... by using each of them. 20 Metal and wire objects © éditions Flammarion, 2004