5 colors we will want at home in 2019

5 colors we will want at home in 2019

While light and pastel shades have been unanimous in our interiors for several seasons, the year 2019 comes to shake up the codes. The clear, cool colors we were used to are being replaced by warmer, deeper tones. And all have one thing in common: they find their inspiration in nature. Discover the top 5 colors that will make the trend in our interiors in 2019.

1. natural green

© Sico More than ever, nature is omnipresent in our interiors. It is therefore logical to find colors associated with it. And to do this, what could be better than green? Evocative of lush vegetation, the dark green and all its variations have virtues that could not be more soothing. Chrome green, sage green, lichen green, khaki green ... All of them are part of a desire to create a natural setting by offering us a true homecoming. In total look or in small touches, in 2019, the decor swears by deep and intense green!

2. The ocher

© Couleur Locale It's no secret that Scandinavian decor has dictated decor codes for several years. And the light and pastel colors that characterize this Nordic style have become essential. But that was before ! Because, in 2019, the decor rebels to find a little authenticity in the face of these somewhat sanitized trends. Result? The warm colors and inspired by nature, make a sensational entry ... And this is not to displease us! This is the case with the ocher color - which is also called mustard yellow - which is determined to distill its warm aura in our interiors. Something to warm our hearts to face winter…

3. The Terracota

© Bloomingville No doubt, sunny shades are indeed in the spotlight in this new year! After ocher and its sandy undertones, make way for terracota and its earthy inspirations! Sometimes orange, sometimes pink, the terracota color in all its variations, evokes the houses of the south whose charm and authenticity are incomparable! Available on a wall or distilled on household linen or decorative items, this comforting shade will capsize us in 2019! And because we love it, we use it and abuse it by daring to use gradations to give depth to our interiors.

4. Light gray

© Zuiver Once again, natural colors are unanimous in 2019. And this time, it is a more discreet and ordinary shade that we find among the trends: light gray. Timeless and timeless color, it evokes stone and minerals. And it offers many advantages, starting with its adaptability. Twisted with more frank colors, gray tempers the atmosphere by being discreet. Associated with softer tones, it contributes to creating a delicate atmosphere. In short, with gray everything is allowed! It is not for nothing that it is called the "new white" ...

5. The wine lees

© Bloomingville We finish our top 5 trendy colors for 2019 with a grand cru selection: le lie de vin. Dark and deep, the wine lees is both delicious and delicate. Because it does not go unnoticed, this shade is not often used and is among the subscribers absent from the favorite colors. However, it breathes charm and intimacy when combined with sober colors like light wood and black. And it easily finds its place in bohemian, ethnic, baroque or even Haussmann style interiors!