An atypical setting for the dressing room

An atypical setting for the dressing room

Gone are the days when clothes were wisely folded in a wardrobe hidden from view. Like the stores which are the first to use original and absurd ideas to display the wardrobe, let's follow the trend to create a wardrobe that is atypical, visual and daring.

Wall dressing

When you have a wardrobe of choice, it's a shame to double lock it in the closet. Dare the card pop-up wardrobe with clothes that flourish at the heart of the walls to brighten up the room. What if we started by removing the doors that house the dressing room? A open cabinet where the storage is visible is a tip that will allow you to play with the colors of the clothes to stage them as in the image above. The second inspiration comes from the linen spread in the garden that we are reinventing: on wires placed along a wall , hang two jeans, a dress, a hat, two tops and a waistcoat using colored clothespins. Rather than an elegant style, the rendering is sparkling and bohemian. The third idea? Choose multiple wall coat racks that you hang asymmetrically to create a movement and on which you hang hangers and clothes. The walls have never been so alive!

Eye-catching boxes

Lovers of tidy and clean rooms, put your wardrobe in boxes . Shoes, fashion accessories, handbags, they all have a dedicated box for maximum storage. In addition, there is something for all desires and all styles: the choice of sizes, colors and patterns is XXL. Not only does this method allow clever storage, but in addition, the arrangement of boxes placed on shelves, perched high above the cupboards, stacked on the floor or wedged under a staircase gives a graphic and cozy aspect to the space. The most is to choose colors or some reasons which agree but which are not alike so as not to confuse them (personalized boxes). Storage becomes decorative.

Customized objects that invite storage

Funny hangers, jewelry holders, coat racks or unusual shoe storage, we love these objects designed with talent and inventiveness, which invite the dressing room to emancipate itself from its traditional closet and which bring all their subtlety to the space. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"