Design lamps: new materials and shapes

Design lamps: new materials and shapes

Among the lights, lamps are back in fashion in terms of decoration. For more modernity, they are now design and sleek, drawn in raw or precious materials and slip into every corner of the room to be an integral part of the customization of the latter. Whether in DIY and decoration stores or at designers, they will bring a unique look to your interior. Spotlight on these new light sources.

Lamps throughout the house

No longer confined to bedside tables, night tables or ceilings, the lamps are modernizing and opening new paths to light, too happy to move in space. The designers therefore bet everything on interesting reflections and innovative materials for the diffusion of light throughout the room.

In trade, there are therefore more and more design lamps designed in raw materials. They are placed in the living room but also in a main entrance, on the side table in a corridor or to better light a bedroom.

New materials for original shapes

Chrome, thermoplastic resin, aluminum, blown glass ... Design lamps are now constructed from ultra-modern components. This will play on the scattering of light in space and transparency but also to give fixtures most unusual forms.

We thus find cubic sconces seeming to spring from the walls, delicate openwork suspensions evoking bubbles of luminous lace or colored origami or even satin diffusers. There is something for everyone and for all budgets!

Light and airy models

Beyond the original lamps, there are also more and more fairly minimalist industrial style lighting. Whether it is with visible bulbs, very aerial structures or even that the electrical components are visible, the goal is to desacralize the light to give it a resolutely contemporary loft spirit. These parts then not only serve to illuminate the space but are part of the decor just like a table. They are found in specialty stores but also in designer boutiques and designers that allow you to find unique models.

LEDs are popular

More energy efficient and prettier level decoration, LED bulbs are gradually replacing traditional bulbs. If they are used more for spotlights, they are also present in some design lamps and are adorned with several different colors that you can change as you wish using a remote control for the most connected lights! They then participate in the ambiance of a living room or office, but also to illuminate a garden or the edges of a pool.