6 ideas for creating a gypset interior

6 ideas for creating a gypset interior

Gypset? It is THE new bohemian trend to decorate our interiors. Contraction between "gipsy" and "jet-set", this new trend owes its name to Julia Chaplin, a young journalist who goes around the world and who shares her discoveries on her blog. Anyway, the gypset decoration gives pride of place to objects from elsewhere and gives the opportunity to travel from inside. Around the world of the most beautiful inspirations to create a gypset interior. Ready for takeoff?

1. A kilim rug

© magic dream life We begin our journey in the Middle East with handmade rugs with the sweet names of Kilim rugs. Because gypset decoration likes authentic materials and patchwork patterns, it proudly displays this type of carpet - originally made in Turkey and Iran - that we love for its geometric prints, its finesse and its warm colors. Arranged on the floor, as a bedspread or even hung on the wall, the Kilim rug is a safe bet to breathe a gypset air into its interior.

2. A Batonga tray

© Linen and Milk We continue our journey to Africa and particularly to Zimbabwe with these Bantonga trays. These are trays woven by hand by the Batonga tribe, which follow a traditional and ancestral technique using palm leaves. The good news ? Ethnic patterns are ideal for adopting the gypset trend! We use them as a fruit basket but we can also use them as a wall decoration! Combine several trays of different sizes and patterns for the most successful result.

3. Kintsugi dishes

© Fabrice Besse Direction Japan with the sublime technique of Kintsugi. This ancestral art consists in repairing crockery broken into several pieces using gold powder. Result? The imperfections are embellished and the dishes, sublimated! You can hunt for models that have already been repaired but if you want to do it yourself, (re) discover our article in which you will find all the steps to get started at Kintsugi! An object that has a story to tell and that wants to be chic at will? Nothing like an interior in gypset style…

4. An Aztec cushion

© HK Living We change continents to go to Mexico! And what could be better than Aztec motifs to honor the Amerindian people? Characterized by lines and geometric shapes, graphic repetitions and warm colors reminiscent of those of nature (such as brown, ocher, terracota ...), Aztec patterns bring warmth and good humor in a gypset interior. And it is on cushions that we prefer them! Once again, mismatch shapes and patterns for a perfect mix and match!

5. A feather and shell necklace

© Howne Head for New Guinea for a stopover, it couldn't be more exotic! Here, we give pride of place to the traditions of Papua. Indeed, this sublime necklace designed in feathers and shells is the result of meticulous craftsmanship as desired. For the record, this type of necklace is worn during the most important ceremonies such as marriage. Delicately placed on a support, it is placed on a piece of furniture or a shelf. But we can also enhance it by hanging it directly on the wall!

6. Chinese lanterns

© Anthology mag We are ending our decorative world tour in one of the biggest countries in the world: China. And it's the paper lanterns that inspire us the most to create a gypset interior. Prefer them colorful and dare the Chinese inscriptions (scriptures and symbols) for even more authenticity. They will find their place above the dining room, the kitchen bar, in a bedroom or even outdoors ...