Gourmet decoration for the holidays

Gourmet decoration for the holidays

1. Gingerbread man Image on food for sale on Bien Manger € 1.95 2. Lot of 20 cocktail spades in the shape of Hema reindeer € 1 3. Lot of 3 chocolate / almond paste molds Vinter 2016 collection Ikea € 1.99 4. Bag of 10 Christmas barley sugars Celebrate and Receive € 2.25 5. Hema milk chocolate Advent calendar € 1.50 6.
Christmas mushrooms to hang Gifi € 3.50 7. Set of 6 heart-shaped boxes to hang from the tree La Foir'Fouille € 3.99 8. Cookies in the shape of letters Kez Ikea € 1.50 9. Set of 5 Crea-ide "little butter" place cards or decoration items for sale on A Little Market € 3.50 10. Hema Chinese cookie to hang € 1.50

A traditional red and white decoration

If you want to stay in the traditional Christmas colors, you will be more oriented towards a candy type decoration. You can then have fun declinating your decor from white and red barley sugars. White tablecloth, red table runners, wine glasses also playing with these gourmet colors will be welcome. You can also decorate your table with pretty decorative candy boxes, gingerbread men or place cocktail sticks in the shape of reindeer.

From the decor to the branches of the tree!

The end of year celebrations are like a celebration of indulgence ... A thousand and one chocolates, a thousand and one papillotes, a thousand and one cookies, a thousand and one pastries, in short, a thousand and one treats are available to us and enticing taste buds… So to change traditional holiday decorations, why not create a true ode to gluttony in your tree? Install garlands with chocolates, hanging cookies or Christmas balls to garnish with homemade treats and make desserts with cake molds in the shape of a fir tree. This is an opportunity to create a sparkling decor on the dining table also, with gourmet place cards and of course an Advent calendar.