8 decorative ideas to enhance an unused fireplace

8 decorative ideas to enhance an unused fireplace

1. A fireplace diverted into storage space

With a little elbow grease and very little equipment, the fireplace can be turned into a nice storage space! The principle is simple: cover the fireplace with, for example, a medium plate, then install wooden planks to store your books, your shoes or display your trinkets.

2. A fireplace decoration with wooden logs

Basically, in a fireplace, we put ... wood! Why not keep its primary function by filling your chimney with wooden logs, raw or painted? Aesthetic and authentic, wood is a material that always has its small effect in a room ... Ideal for a natural fireplace decoration!

3. Candles in the fireplace

4. A decorative wall fireplace

Scoop: in decoration, it is not only on walls or shelves that we can put decorative objects! You can indeed make a pretty fireplace decoration by garnishing it with garlands, frames, photos, candles, candle jars, small plants, statues and other small objects that will make this fireplace a work of art in its own right.

And in addition, it allows you to unclutter your walls, sideboards and tables a little ... or to make room for other decorative items!

5. A fireplace that becomes a creative space

It is not because a chimney is doomed that it can no longer be of use; do not hesitate to paint part of the mantel with slate paint to write soft words with chalk on it. An original concept perfect for creating a "wow effect" in a living room!

6. Repaint a fireplace in the color of your choice

Paint a fireplace in an original or pop color, this will brighten up the room despite the arrival of winter and make it an essential element of the decoration of your living room. You can then place books or lights on the fireplace to create a cozy reading area with a comfortable chair. All you have to do is choose a book and bundle up in a blanket…

7. Make a decorative fireplace

Do you miss the smell of the wood fire and the light of the fire in the fireplace? Recreate a fake fireplace! To do this, simply place logs in front of your old fireplace and cover them with a light garland. Once night falls, you will find a warm atmosphere in the living room. Spray a "wood fire" fragrance and the illusion will be perfect!

8. Place a screen in front of an old fireplace

If you no longer use your fireplace but you do not want it to remain in the state to collect dust on a daily basis, you can place a nice screen in front of the foyer entrance. This will also prevent your children from injuring themselves by playing near your old fireplace, the access to which will be closed. And if you ever want to re-fire one day, it is possible, since you will not have condemned your fireplace.