What colors to boost your morale at home?

What colors to boost your morale at home?

Morale at low since the sky is gray? If black ideas never leave you and life in pink seems to have taken off, then something must be done! Why not try to cheer you up by adopting new colors in your interior? Some studies tend to prove that color can have a positive influence on your state of mind. It would be a shame not to try and if it does not work you will at least have refurbished the walls of your home. According to chromotherapy (a method which uses the energy of colors), our mood can be affected when our vision is subject to certain colors. The effects linked to this exposure would be multiple: if certain colors would have the power to lower your blood pressure, others on the contrary could accelerate your heart rate. In addition to causing physical reactions, colors would also be able to influence our state of mind. Feng-shui, a Chinese discipline that seeks environmental harmony, is convinced that the use of this or that color will have an impact on your well-being.

Colors to de-stress or motivate yourself?

In general, we group colors into two distinct categories: on the one hand warm colors and on the other cold colors. Primary and secondary colors are often classified into one or the other of these groups, but in reality each color can develop cooler or warmer shades. We admit, however, that red and yellow are rather warm colors while blue and green rank in cold colors. Warm colors would be equated with energy and warmth while cold colors would have the ability to relax us. So it's up to you to decide according to your needs. If you lack strength and the mornings are difficult, the orange color could help you to motivate yourself. If on the contrary your problem is at the level of stress, the blue color will be a major ally to find calm and relaxation.

The choice of a royal blue to relax without falling asleep.

What colors to choose according to the rooms?

The choice of colors is not the only element to take into account, you must also pay attention to the arrangement of colors in your interior. So it is better to avoid choosing an overly energetic color in your room at the risk of seeking sleep. To regain morale, we therefore opt for frank and warm colors but in adequate rooms such as the living room, kitchen or bathroom. Finally, the use of color in a room does not necessarily imply applying it uniformly and completely. The little touches of color, in addition to being trendy, will bring you this revival of pep's which you lack without too much rush.

Even pink can be tried, like here above the sofa! Let's not forget that colors remain a personal choice. There is indeed an expression which recalls this freedom "Tastes and colors cannot be discussed". Reason why it does not make go against its natural inclination against such or such shade or, on the contrary, force itself to go towards a color which puts you off usually.