Charm or bohemian trend… For a colorful decor!

Charm or bohemian trend… For a colorful decor!

Shy temperatures and overcast skies: the season prompts us to shake up the Christmas decor to delicately counteract the dull complexion of this winter month. Never mind, we offer you a battle of two very distinct styles to give a new lease of life to our interior, demonstration…

Charming decor: elegance and softness

The charming decor finely combines the retro style and the modernity of certain colored shades, a winning duo from which result objects that are both sober and worked. Emphasis on the details, this movement is distinguished by a sweet and delicate effect which dresses the house with meticulousness. Porcelain, copper color or old rose, the characteristics give it a gourmet aesthetic line, perfect for designing our holiday decor. The decoration is drawn here in a bright colored range with shades of white, enhanced by a touch of fantasy that the golden and silver pigments will take care of conscientiously offering, as we prove with a touch of humor the deer to ask DEER provided with its bow tie. We dress the tree in the same spirit, sailing between roses, coppers, and whites thanks to the CHARME SUCRE Christmas balls. As for the dishes, we opt for a "1900s" style with old champagne glasses and CLASSICA plates to offer the ideal retro touch to form a harmonious whole.

The bohemian style: bright colors and natural materials

Dynamic and exotic, the bohemian style imposes itself with ethnic patterns and natural materials to offer living spaces a relaxing interlude. With a summer tendency, this bias is a perfect atmosphere booster to bring life in this winter period. Focus on the intense colors and graphic designs to bring pep to wood, the little king of this movement. For a meal "bohemian atmosphere", we compose with natural materials and sparkling details. The traditional tablecloth gives way to NOVA wood-effect placemats - perfect cases to accommodate the models of SPLENDIDE DISHWARE or HYPSTY plates that mark the dinner with a tangy touch. The color is lively and oscillates between apple green, raspberry red or azure blue. We continue in this direction to decorate the house with the SHEPERD porcelain boxes, without forgetting the tree which seems to come out of the ground with natural decorations like small hanging mushrooms from the same series. A bucolic and colorful composition for a most exotic Christmas! Rather gentle and romantic, or natural and poetic, these two artistic trends delight us with their singularity. A draw therefore for this atypical meeting which promises whatever your choice, a truly unique Christmas decoration!

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