Roche Bobois: furniture with a unique personality

Roche Bobois: furniture with a unique personality

A true family story, the Roche Bobois brand is today an essential name in decoration. And the brand's incredible success has lasted for over 50 years. A look back at the history of the Roche Bobois brand, which operates with respect for materials and the environment.

The birth of Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois is above all a family story because the brand was born from the meeting of two families who share the love of furniture. In 1950, Les Roche then offered contemporary French furniture and the Chouchans sold their furniture in their boutique "Au beau bois". From 1960, the two families met at the Copenhagen fair with the idea of ​​introducing Scandinavian furniture to France. It was on this occasion that they designed a joint catalog and created their national franchise under the name of Roche Bobois. Today, the brand has more than 240 stores across 40 countries.

At the forefront of design

From the first years of creation, the brand has been a pioneer in terms of trends. The 1970s were marked by an important collection of sofas, furniture which was becoming a must thanks to the appearance of television. Then the brand reinterprets traditional furniture in the 80s before giving way to the ethnic trend in the 90s.

A publisher position

But Roche Bobois is not satisfied with distributing furniture because the brand is positioned as a true publisher thanks to partnerships with designers and architects. Roche Bobois' mission is to make furniture with an innovative design while remaining functional, it is the design to live. And to be always at the forefront of the trend, the brand offers a new exclusive collection every six months which is the fruit of a privileged collaboration between the brand, designers and manufacturers.

The choice of personalization

And Roche Bobois does not stop at the furniture offered in the shop because each element is customizable. You can choose the materials, the colors but also the dimensions to compose pieces of furniture which will correspond to your desires and your rhythm of life. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"