Why can't I keep my house clean?

Why can't I keep my house clean?

You are absolutely convinced that one lives better in a tidy and clean house. Despite this certainty, you sometimes have the impression when you return home in the evening that a storm has crossed all the rooms of your house. Why is this mess there? Here are the main reasons why you cannot maintain your home in good condition. By identifying your main problem, you will find a suitable solution so that this cleaning concern is only a dust on the horizon.

Because you are not helped

This is almost a mathematical problem: if there are four of you living at home and one person cleaning, there is an obvious imbalance. The solution ? Collective participation of course. If this makes sense, some people are still reluctant to involve all family members on the pretext that the children cannot do it or that the partner has a lot more work. Obviously it is not a question of doing a strict sharing of household chores (everyone must do according to their capacities and / or availability) but if we consider that everyone is disturbing, then everyone can also tidy up. Switching from one model to another is not easy, so be lenient when others are doing household chores. Explain why the cleaning is not done well but in a caring way otherwise you risk again finding yourself alone in front of the broom.

Because you are too hard on yourself

You are happy with the cleaning, you are full of good will and yet you are never satisfied with the result. The solution ? Lower your requirements slider and realize that interior photos in magazines or on Instagram do not reflect reality. With full-time work, kids and a dog, you can't control everything. This inaccessible quest for storage risks obsessing you and ruining your life. Let go of the ballast and favor moments of relaxation outside the house so that the need for cleaning does not concern you. Relaxing meditation can also provide a real solution. Last idea if your requirements remain the same: choose to hire a person at home to help you and relieve you of all these missions.

Some will find this interior tidy, others not. Our requirement levels may be different

Because you are too surrounded by (objects / animals / people)

You hate emptiness and space. You should always be surrounded and distracted by objects, animals or friends. This need to fill around you does not really facilitate household chores. The solution ? Being surrounded by people clearly brings you happiness. Why then would you want to go against your wishes? Better to lower your household requirements and get the most out of your lifestyle. If you are still concerned about disorder, it is possible to adapt your lifestyle with a few simple rules. For animals, you can, for example, limit their freedom of movement. If your concern is about your need to own things, choose “bazaar” areas and more open areas. Finally, if your house is open to everyone, suggest that everyone get involved. We promise, we won't hold it against you.

Because you wait too long

When you decide to spend the cleaning, the thing is serious. You often spend a whole day there and your house is clean like a penny. Problem, this idyllic vision usually lasts no more than two days. The solution ? Switch from a spring cleaning system to a regular cleaning system. Establish routines that keep your interior clean every day. The transition from one way of storing to another must also be done gradually for this to work. If you change your way too quickly, you may be discouraged by the amount of work. Rather, the routines should allow you to do less but more often. Finally put these new rules prominently (on the fridge door for example) so as not to forget them.

Between the brush and the cat, who gives us the most joy?

Because you don't like the routine

You realize that cleaning is much more effective when it is recurrent and planned. Unfortunately you are allergic to this type of organization and you have the feeling of being locked into an overly strict scheme which paralyzes you. The solution ? The routine is no longer one if you change it regularly. At the beginning of each month, you can therefore decide what to do to keep your house clean and challenge this organization the following month. Be aware of the latest methods to be more efficient (like a bullet journal for example) in your management which will make your tasks less monotonous. Finally enjoy your cleaning sessions by combining with another activity (music, sport, TV). In this way, you will no longer experience these constraints as a burden but as an opportunity to discover new things. Finally give yourself an original reward if you manage to follow routines, it will be a way to rebalance things.