Tutorial: making a headboard with colored ropes

Tutorial: making a headboard with colored ropes

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, especially for heavy sleepers! All the more reason to take care of it, decorate it with taste and make it truly unique. Today we are going to make a headboard with wood and colored ropes.

Equipment :

- colored ropes (I used parachute rope); - wooden cleats to the dimensions of your bed; - a saw (but you can saw the cleats to the right size directly at the DIY store); - a screwdriver ; - wood screws; - two small brackets; - a pair of scissors ; - screws with a loop (in white on the right on the photo).

Budget: 30 euros Duration: 30 minutes


1. Start by sawing the wooden battens to the correct dimensions if you have not already done so, and assemble them with the brackets to form the headboard. Ideally make a full rectangle to improve the solidity of the whole. I strongly advise you to use an electric screwdriver, it saves a lot of time!

2. Then tighten the small loop screws. You can find them in the screw department in your DIY store. There are several colors, including white as in my example, but also gold.

3. Be sure to screw them in the same axis, it will be easier to pass the strings.

4. Once everything is assembled and the screws are in place, all you have to do is weave your canvas! At the start, I was thinking of going on two colors, but I found it pretty good to add a third darker color.


And now, you just have to install your DIY headboard! A little advice, do not hesitate to tighten the strings. Finally, it is better to fix it on the wall. I still hesitate to hang some photos with mini clothespins, but in any case I love the rendering!

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