Sleep in my cozy room

Sleep in my cozy room

Manon Lestringant, thinking head behind the blog Les Bons Détail reveals how to indulge in the joys of cocooning. No need for plane tickets for total relaxation: laziness and daydreaming goal with your head tucked between two pillows in our cozy room.

Unmatched comfort

To laze in peace and for an indefinite period, bet on a comfortable room by mixing the soft textures. Between linen, fake fur, or cotton the choice of materials is more and more vast and for our greatest happiness! Mix, overlap, in short, don't be afraid of mixing genres. Two other essential points for optimal comfort: a soft carpet at the foot of the bed and a competition bed that will accompany you every night for years.

Harmonious bed linen

In linen or cotton, opt for a soft and warm bed linen in light and very relaxing shades. Harmony is the key word: choose a color scheme and keep it. As for the thicknesses, zero limits: if you want to multiply the layers, with plaids for example, go ahead, even if it means making yourself a bed worthy of the princess and the pea! Ditto for the cushions, the more there are, the higher the level of cosyness from your room will be high. Take them in different sizes and textures to maximize the effect of concentration. Last touch of textile: the net curtains, always in the same family of chosen and light shades so that they can filter the light. Cozy atmosphere guaranteed.

Soft light

Often overlooked, light is an essential element in decoration. You can have the most beautiful room, if it is poorly lit, it will not have any effect, and will even pass for a bland room. So choose low density luminaires to be able to easily play with light, ideally, a light wooden structure for a soft and easy to integrate object. Make sure you can dim or diffuse the light more widely: you can then create a different atmosphere for each moment of the day. It's your turn !

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