Makeover on paint and coating

Makeover on paint and coating

A toucan in profile, red, yellow and green armed with a brush. Impossible to forget the logo of the S.N.P.R (Norman society of paint and coating) once we saw it. The idea came from Alain Chanson, its founder in 1980, and it already bodes well for the spirit of the company: originality and innovation. Twenty years ago, he hired a 21-year-old storekeeper, Yohan Leprêtre, and quickly made him his partner. Ten years later, he took over the management of the company. Today supported by his wife Valérie, independent architect, he continues in the same dynamic.

SNPR's core business is first and foremost interior painting. A service for which the company uses innovative techniques such as depolluting paints. “We live in increasingly watertight houses”, explains Yohan Leprêtre, “The air quality is therefore degraded by the glue from furniture, cooking, etc. The paints that we apply will absorb these elements and cleanse the atmosphere. ”The SNPR also installs floor and wall coverings by carrying out various photomontages to allow its customers to make their choice at best.

Last part of the company's activity: the facelift. Here again innovation is in the spotlight, as Yohan Leprêtre explains: “Thanks to the qualification that we have passed, we can advise our clients to choose the techniques and products that will allow them to achieve an ITE (thermal insulation by outside), and benefit from a tax credit. ”

And the SNPR does not intend to stop there since it launches a new brand: Le Toucan. “Generation Y no longer wants offices but spaces”, develops Valérie Leprêtre, “The Toucan's mission is to study with a company how it could function better and to adapt its premises to this new organization. We are thus developing places for corporating. ”

Contact : Société Normande Peinture Revêtements (S.N.P.R), 565 rue Herbeuse, 76230 Bois-Guillaume Telephone: 02 32 86 86 30 Email address: [email protected] Site: Facebook page: