How to organize your days for efficient cleaning?

How to organize your days for efficient cleaning?

Plan of attack for efficient cleaning

To get organized, start by listing all the tasks: you will see more clearly!  

No need to be passionate about the rag to make the household chore more efficient, less boring, and get a clean house ... On the other hand a touch of organization saves time and healthy interior with little effort. We put everything on "To-do list" for the most upside-down in order to put on paper the priorities and see more clearly. So each room has its list of small household chores, which will quickly become automatic. For couples, families or even roommates, the time is in the cleaning schedule to avoid the most orderly of the band a multitude of storage. We simply define each week's actions so that the interior retains a certain harmony.

In the living rooms, stop the dust!

Once the furniture is dusted, the vacuum cleaner is done, washing the floor!  

15 minutes top time to properly clean the living areas of the house! Vacuum cleaner and cloth are enough to make your interior sparkle… provided that it is tidy.

  • We start by decluttering the space if necessary before turning up the sound to clean up in a good mood.
  • On the technical side, it is more efficient to start with the objects and surfaces to be dusted - such as lamps, coffee tables, shelves or bookcases, before tackling the ground.
  • Then place in the vacuum cleaner to swallow dust and other crumbs from the last snack. Do not spare the seats in the living room which have surely received their share of the cake.
  • We end up making the windows and the TV shine and voila!

Compartmentalize for better cleaning in the kitchen

In bulk and in the open air, our objects take dust. Better opt for pretty boxes!  
  • Cupboards, worktops, shelves and refrigerators: the kitchen is full of nooks that you have to clean from time to time for everyday comfort. And this room is no more complicated than another household question! The compartments are our allies and make our lives easier. Whether for cutlery placed in our drawers or hanging, for delicacies in the cupboards or on the worktop, for food in the fresh or open air, a multitude of containers allow us to better store for cleaning fast when the time comes.
  • We offer pretty jars, colorful Tupperware boxes and vintage boxes to compartmentalize all these elements in the kitchen.
  • So rags and household products will pass without difficulty, without the risk of coming into contact with food for faster cleaning.
  • We end up the floors with a naturally scented product to mask the smells of cooking with delicacy.

Ecological cleaning for bathrooms

White vinegar and baking soda are your allies against tartar!  

Moist rooms often face the same enemy: tartar. It is here that a daily cleaning takes all its importance since it minimizes its appearance effectively and will make the weekend cleaning much less heavy.

  • A sponge after each shower is enough to limit the traces on the taps of the bathrooms. So we do not hesitate to leave a hand sponge or cloth to pamper these nooks on a daily basis.
  • Excessive humidity is limited by ventilating the room after each use. A very simple reflex that saves space from certain disadvantages such as the appearance of fungi on the walls.
  • We put everything on healthy products such as baking soda and white vinegar: leave it on before rinsing with clear water, these two elements clean, make them shine and uncork in just a few minutes. A formidable duo that it is good to have in your closets.

Tips for cleaning in the bedrooms

Remember to ventilate your room daily to renew the indoor air.  

Sanctuary of sleep and relaxation, the room must be pampered to provide us with some comfort.

  • Before cleaning, the best reflex to adopt for this room remains ventilation. The outside air renews the ambient air, reduces odors and eliminates certain bacteria: we open wide to cool this space every day, summer and winter.
  • We track dust in textiles. Cushions, carpets or curtains, it is enough to pat the fabrics daily so that they reject the accumulated waste.
  • Careful vacuuming once a week will remove the toughest dirt, and allow you to clean up forgotten corners like the underside of the bed or the bottom of the wardrobe.
  • According to the desires and tastes, we do not hesitate to use essential oils in the room or to place dried plants there. These actions will create a natural interior scent, and fight against parasites.