Before / after: a multifunctional and modern living room

Before / after: a multifunctional and modern living room

Young retirees, a couple of owners wish to start this new stage of their life in a new setting. A nice project that MH Déco supported. The objective? Modernize and harmonize a 40 m2 ground floor while delimiting the kitchen, dining room, living room and entrance spaces. Challenge met ! Old and mismatched, the furniture in this multifunctional living room has been accumulated over the years. Green wallpaper has witnessed family life for 15 years. Determined to start their new life serenely, the owners tried to open the kitchen to the living room just before calling on an interior design agency: a little help from a professional was essential . For a total budget of € 32,800, this multifunctional living room could benefit from a real rejuvenation! Room area (living room + kitchen): approximately 40 m² Total budget: € 32,860 incl. Tax (kitchen € 10,600 incl. Tax + work € 18,900 incl. Tax + decoration budget € 3,360 incl. DECO) Building company: ATMOSPHERE (77)

A poorly optimized multifunctional living room

Despite the beautiful surface and the light passing through, the living room with a total surface of 40 m2 was cluttered with imposing furniture. The owners also noted the cruel lack of storage space and the somewhat old-fashioned wooden structure of the kitchen. The objective? Revise the kitchen, the living room, the dining room and the entrance to harmonize the whole. A great challenge for the agency MH DECO.

BEFORE: the kitchen had an old-fashioned look, especially since the structure that framed the counter obstructed and weighed down the space.

An open kitchen full of storage

The first step in this modernization work: the kitchen, with a whole wall section dedicated to storage spaces and built-in appliances. Large work plans have also been created, in order to open up the space and facilitate movement. As for the wooden structure, initially installed by the owners, it has been removed so as not to obstruct the visual field with superfluous elements. Yes, because who says modern, says refined! Finally, to mark the separation of the kitchen from the living room, a double worktop bar has been installed with storage niches. Clever!

AFTER: a practical kitchen, full of floor-to-ceiling storage, open to the rest of the living space. The plus: lacquered red for a touch of pep!

A warm and reoriented lounge

The second stage of this modernization work consisted in modernizing the living room. It first had to be reoriented by placing the new corner sofa differently. It will now face the largest wall in the room, painted in light gray. The young retired couple wanted to put red in their new decor, but they feared getting tired of it. To meet the couple's immediate demand while anticipating future desires, the architect decided to add touches of red in the living room with accessories. Curtains, cushions, carpets and flowerpots are now a blazing red, but they can be replaced easily in a few months if the owners change their minds! The architect's tip: for the floor, the lead tiles of imitation parquet PVC were chosen. It is a warm material, resistant to animal scratches (yes, there is a cat that dictates its law here) and its weight of more than 8 kg / m2 allows it to be placed without glue or clipping system. The result is stunning !

AFTER: in gray, red and black, with more contemporary furniture, the living room now has a resolutely modern appearance.

Optimized and concealed storage

The lack of storage was an important point of these modernization works. The architect therefore quickly proposed using the largest wall section in the room to attach Ikea shelves and boxes to it, in order to increase the storage space while playing on the graphic side. A formwork, which now houses the shoes, was also created to separate the entrance from the living room. And that's without counting on the clever armrests of the sofa, which also have storage spaces.

AFTER: storage spaces are everywhere. From the wall to the sofa, all objects can be hidden. Practical and clever!

Challenge met for this ground floor: it is now modernized and well optimized. The decor is dynamic, the living room remains warm, and storage spaces are present everywhere. The young retired couple can now enjoy their free time in a rejuvenated setting.