Elements for mobile

Elements for mobile


1 vermilion felt tip of 15 x 20 cm minimum 1 large metal ruler 1 dressmaker's chalk 1 pair of scissors 1 photocopy of the rhino pattern pdf: 277606 1 piece of synthetic padding 10 x 15 cm minimum Pins Sewing machine White thread 1 compass 1 small fall of ecru felt or felt 4 translucent burgundy seed beads 1 burgundy needle


20 'Couture

Cut two rectangles of vermilion felt, 10 x 15 cm each. Then cut out the photocopy of the pattern of the rhinoceros and put it in chalk on the right side of one of the pieces of felt. Then superimpose the two rectangles of vermilion felt, wrong sides together, interposing between them a piece of synthetic padding of the same size. Pin in the center. Then prick in the machine precisely following the contours of the rhino. Make a few back stitches at the start and finish to stop sewing.

10 'Cutting the shape

Carefully cut the rhino with scissors, a few millimeters from the seam.

10 'Sewing the eyes

Cut four circles of unbleached felt or felt about 1 cm in diameter and sew them, to finish, with the four seed beads, in the locations indicated on the pattern. The eyes are sewn on both sides at the same time.


To give more weight to the characters or to balance a mobile that leans to one side, you can hang beads at the bottom of each animal.

20 decorations on Felt © éditions Flammarion, 2003