Which plants to grow in the office?

Which plants to grow in the office?

It's decided, you will finally green your office. It doesn't matter if your boss gets hold of the wallet or not, tomorrow you will come up with some green plants to boost your concentration, beautify your workspace and simply feel better. But which plants to choose to be sure they survive the cruel world of business? Our selection of 5 puncture-proof plants!

Aloe vera, to reduce electromagnetic waves in the office

Whether your office is brand new or, on the contrary, it is carpeted with an ageless carpet, it is most certainly loaded with VOCs, these volatile organic components which hide in glues, inks, chipboard furniture and most maintenance products. And if in addition you work in a space saturated with WiFi waves, between the printer and the computer server, you are unknowingly surrounded by electromagnetic waves. Your plant must therefore have the double power of cleaning up the ambient air while absorbing harmful waves. And good news, this plant exists, and in addition it is easy to maintain, it is aloe vera! Easy to find, an aloe vera costs only a few euros. Place it in a nice pot, find it a place exposed to natural light and water it once a week, Friday afternoon before leaving for the weekend for example.

Aloe vera, to purify the ambient air

A cactus, to be respected!

If you go looking for trouble you'll find it ! If you want to spread the message to your colleagues while remaining diplomatic, the cactus is your best ally. Whether very small or XXL, this succulent plant requires almost no maintenance, which will allow you to continue to focus on your daily tasks. Remember to water it once a week from March to October and once a month from November to February, unless the heating is set to maximum. Very fashionable, this exotic plant is perfect for managers, creatives and those who need concentration. On the other hand, it is better not to recommend it to HRDs, doctors and all professions that require listening or empathy ...

Small or large, the cactus is exotic!

A sansevieria, to have peace of mind

In the family of punctured plants, sansevieria has been genetically programmed to survive air conditioning, heating, watering oversights and even gossip between colleagues. In other words, if the "mother-in-law languages" do not survive your workspace, it will be necessary to consider changing it! However, plan a bright space, and remember to water your plant once a week in summer and once a month in winter.

Sansevieria, star of open space

An orchid, for long-term flowering

With an absolute elegance, the orchid brings color, femininity and softness to the working world. With a minimum of light, it can stay in bloom for very long weeks and make your workspace really more soothing. But do not forget that it feeds on the humidity of the ambient air and that offices are generally very dry places. Invest in a mineral water sprayer and spray a light mist twice a day. This gesture will not only make your orchid live longer, but it will also reduce your stress and make your office more breathable!

Be careful, the passion for orchids has no limits!

Ivy, for a dimly lit office

If your office lacks natural light and is not overheated in winter, ivy is the plant for you! Used to shady undergrowth, this ruggedly robust plant has many depolluting virtues. Every week, take your ivy to take a small shower in the toilet, then let the soil dry between two waterings. In winter, limit pooling and spray a little water with a fogger if the air is too dry. In exchange for these few cares, ivy should get rid of benzene, formaldehydes and trichlorethylene. In terms of decoration, do not hesitate to place your ivy in a tall pot or a suspension to make it fall, or on the contrary to make it climb along a shelf ... Please note, you will no longer want to leave your office!